New Years Eve Run

A Nod to the Past & the Future


One the best electronic jam acts of all time crushed a 5 Night Run at the Tabernacle to close out 2013. The famous venue was once a church until 1994 and eventually after much hard work & some failure rose to become one of the best intimate venues in Atlanta, and remains a top destination for the best national acts. STS9 is a treasured act on the live music scene, most notably for their live energy and their love for improvisation. As many of you know original bassist Murph recently parted ways with the group. This is sad to hear, and it is always sad when musicians leave one of your favorite acts. However, music history has told us that many bands, especially those with a passionate fan base & a dedicated group of musicians, a line-up change does not mean the music must come to a screeching halt. Certainly in many instances this has meant the music dies as the group chooses to dissolve entirely or perhaps they cling onto the past hopelessly. However, I think many of you who follow the site understand that STS9 is FAR from OVER, we know these guys can continue to destroy live venues across the country with their indescribable chemistry and ability to incorporate a host of genres into their sound.

So in honor of STS9’s great future on the horizon and in honor of the time Murph spent with the group we are pleased to share the 5 night run at the Tabernacle for streaming. We wish both Tribe & Murph the best in their future pursuits. STS9 just released these within the past few days on their Soundcloud page. We’ve also selected a few choice tracks from each night to download. Each track is individually available for download via Soundcloud.

 The Tabernacle | Atlanta, GA


Download ‘Warrior’ 

 The Tabernacle | Atlanta, GA


Download ‘Shakedown Street’

Download ‘Gobnugget’

 The Tabernacle | Atlanta, GA


Download ‘Low Swaga’

 The Tabernacle | Atlanta, GA


Download ‘Inspires Strikes Back’

 The Tabernacle | Atlanta, GA


Download ‘Circus’

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