Nappy Riddem

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Nappy Riddem

 Today we bring you an exceptional live recording of DC’s rising Reggae stars, Nappy Riddem, Live at Mustock 2013 which was held in Lignum ,VA earlier this month. The group’s, “One World Sovereignty LP”, captures the group’s dynamic sound in the studio, but this newest live recording shows leaders Mustafa Akbar, Rex Riddem, Jon Modell, and Gordon Sterling taking the group’s talents to epic proportions in the live setting. Special guests abound throughout this set make it a must listen. The group will be releasing Rock Steady EP on September 17th. For those of you in DC be sure to catch the CD release party at Tropicalia on Saturday September 14th.

“It is shared for our fans to promote the live sound of this incredible band, as it is quite different from our recordings. Though the songs are the same, the band takes liberties with the music in a live setting to breathe new life into each track every time we play. We believe in creating a unique live performance every time we play and enjoy the freedom to ride whatever wave we catch in the music, as you can hopefully hear in this set.”
– Nappy Riddem

Mustafa Akbar (vocals)
Rex Riddem (vocals, ukulele, percussion)
Jon Modell (drums)
Gordon Sterling (guitar, vocals)
Charles Flye (keys)
Michael Calve (bass)
*Live from the soundboard and tracked and mastered by Charles Flye.

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