Artist of the Week: Iron Eyes Cody. Debut Record & Exclusive Free Download

Artist of the Week: Iron Eyes Cody

Debut Record & Exclusive Free Download


By Mitchell Parrish

Iron Eyes Cody is one of those bands you love to root for. They are a polished, six-piece rock outfit driven by a bold, entertaining frontman and powerful female vocalist. Their sound falls somewhere in between the Counting Crows & Bruce Springsteen with a distinct foot in contemporary indie rock. In a live setting, their undeniable chemistry and collaborative energy coarse through their well crafted, polished tunes. You can’t leave an IEC show without a song sticking in your head. And for a little while, it was almost frustrating to not be able to listen to them at home, on your own time.

Fortunately, the wait is over. And boy was it worth it! Tomorrow, Iron Eyes Cody will release their debut EP “Goodness All Good Saints Have Died.” Recorded and mixed by FutureFields in Burlington, VT, this record represents the hard work and dedication it takes to make it as a band in today’s fractured, oversaturated musical world.

Free Download

Let’s talk about some of the songs. Kicking off the record with force and purpose is the rocker “The Distance.” This anthemic song exhibits the lyrical prowess of Allis while at the same time giving plenty of space for Renn’s angelic vocals to soar.


The second track “Animal” is undoubtedly a hit. A full sound bolstered by Mark Balderson’s saxophone and Renn Mulloy’s bellowing sound. Strong lyrics, fast paced. Oh, and the guitar solo at the end rips.

“Stuck Here with My Thoughts in Trenton,” or just “Trenton” to fans, reveals Evan Allis’ signature strength as a songwriter: storytelling. Allis’ takes the listener on a journey throughout the United States, telling tales of road trip mishaps & confusion, robberies & judgement. He sings:

“A thousand miles from memphis / there’s a crime that left the coroner breathless / and if it’s like the newspapers tell him it’s a matter of time / Tom takes a turnpike for Trenton, and the pistol shakes in the glove compartment / he’s got the dirt on his fingers and something worse on his mind”

The second to last track, “The Bayou,” is the band’s most delicate tune. Accompanied by Allis’ strumming guitar, Renn steps into the forefront and serenades the listener with tales of traveling through rural Louisiana. Patrick Freeman, the drummer and multi-instrumentalist, showcases his talents on the mandolin. I’ve seen people burst into tears during this song. Seriously.


This is a record for all persons & all ages. A record that seems to put the listener first and the band in your backyard. Allis’ songwriting and Renn’s voice make it almost too easy for you to find a lyric or instrumental passage that resonates with your innermost emotions. The more you listen, the more it begs you to keep digging, to keep looking, to keep listening.

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