Exclusive Premiere: Watch Voodoo Visionary Perform “Cold Shallow Moon” and Cover “Hit It and Quit It” By P-Funk

LiveMusicDaily Exclusive Premiere

Watch Voodoo Visionary Perform “Cold Shallow Moon” and “Hit It and Quit It”

Voodoo Visionary Press Photo

Voodoo Visionary is one of our favorite rising progressive jam acts out of the great state of Georgia. The band’s chemistry is palpable, and they have a collective, tight sound that differentiates them from other jambands. The vocals are strong here as the lyrics in “Cold Shallow Moon” dig deep. These are not simply groove based lyrics you sometimes see with lots of jam oriented acts.The videos were filmed on Dec. 4th live at Aisle 5 in Atlanta, GA. The night featured support from I.R.E. and Johnny Awesome. We recently spoke with the band about the inspiration behind “Cold Shallow Moon”.  Check it out below.

Cold Shallow Moon was written by our bassist Jimmy Lynch. It’s a personal song about watching friends prescribed to psychiatric drugs battle with mental illness. The song takes place in an old prison that is slowly burning. A dark metaphor for life. Throughout the verses the outsider’s perspective changes as he observes the life changing effects of prescribed psychoactives. A Cold Shallow Moon begins as a glimpse of hope and light, yet as the song goes on and reality slips away, the moon changes phases. It starts by representing the light in life and ends falling through the grasp of reality and out of sight. It’s a song about being stuck in a place where you feel there is no escape while the only person preventing you from escaping is yourself.

The song was originally penned as an acoustic folk song. One night a few months ago the band was sitting around with an acoustic guitar and a synthesizer trying to revive some old songs we had written. The idea came to change Cold Shallow Moon into a more uptempo happy sounding song. Our first attempt at it we all loved the way it came out, and the song was resurrected. The dichotomy between the dark lyrics and the uptempo groove presents another underlying theme in the song, that things aren’t always what they seem. It adds light to the darkness and makes it more accessible to listeners. Plus it’s a lot of fun to play.

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