By Barry Brandow

When I first saw Lions On The Moon perform back in June at Mountain Jam I wasn’t sure what to expect.   I knew the four members who were brought together by Col. Bruce Hampton were all talented musicians. Although they have an average age of 14, they proved they weren’t kids pretending to be rock stars…They were rock stars in young musicians bodies. Also confirming the future of rock music was in very good hands. With Nicky Dylan Winegardner on vocals and rhythm guitar, Dylan Niederauer on bass, Henry Thomas on drums and backing vocals, and the most lionized member of the quartet Brandon Niederauer ‘TAZ’ on lead guitar and vocals, I was extremely impressed with their maturity and showmanship. The hour long set included a few covers but what made the biggest impression on me was the original music that the band wrote and crafted themselves. I remember thinking how awesome each song was and I would be looking forward to the release of their mentioned debut album.

Well, the wait will soon be over as the band has announced the self-titled album to be released and digitally available on October 13th.   The album, which was recorded last summer, was produced by music legend Terry Manning who is known for his work with several music greats such as Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, George Thorogood, Lenny Kravitz, and Widespread Panic…as well as many, many others.

While more and more people witness this extremely gifted quartet perform live, word of mouth continues to spread throughout the music world that this band has so much to give now… and in the future.  As a passionate music lover myself I am very excited to hear what Lions On The Moon offers with its debut release and can only imagine where they will go from here as they mature and grow as musicians, performers, and writers. If this is the quality of their musicianship so early on in their recording careers, it will be very rewarding watching and hearing them evolve to further greatness.    If you haven’t had the opportunity to see this band live, make sure you do! They are very special.   On October 13th download their album and listen to it again and again…and don’t forget to turn on a friend.

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