Flashback Phriday • 1995-11-14 | UCF Arena, Orlando, FL

“Crab in my Shoe Mouth”


By Matthew Bowers In the realm of coveted “song sandwiches” Phish would play over the course of their career, one of the most memorable and talked about is the “Stash > Manteca > Stash > Dog Faced Boy > Stash” from November 14th, 1995.

This one seriously has everything great about Phish stuffed into 35 minutes.

The Stash at the beginning of this short musical journey would provide the exploratory psychedelic jazz that everyone loves about this tune, and would give way to a funk dance party in the form of a Manteca that would see Trey relentlessly attack his guitar as well as take on some percussion duties. Knowing that this is only 2/5ths of the jam segment, I can only imagine what the energy must have been like inside the building that night. As the band weaved their way back into Stash for more mind melting exploration, they would give the crowd a short break to catch their collective breaths in the form of “Dog Faced Boy.” The eerie feel of this song would be the perfect way for the band to lead into the ending of Stash and put a gold stamp on one of my personal favorite jam sandwiches the band has played. Who doesn’t love jam sandwiches?

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