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After years of pursuing separate musical paths, a pair of DC Indie Rock siblings have forged a project that allows them to do just want they want to… have fun making music! Speedy Consuela is a family band consisting of brother and sister Steve and Joyce Raskin (now Mrs. White), and their musician partners Johnna Raskin and Matt White. Their name comes from pondering on who Speedy Gonzalez’s sister might be and their sound comes from a cheeky, inspired mix of Indie Rock, Retro and Electro.

Fans of 90’s Indie rock will remember Joyce from her fantastic, Boston-based trio Scarce and Steve from DC post-punk popsters Edsel. Steve is also one of the masterminds behind downtempo superstars (and Thievery Corporation cohorts) Thunderball and funkdafied remixers the Fort Knox Five.

After years of tinkering on tunes in the studio and releasing singles on Fort Knox Recordings the band has finally made their first official video! “Sukka Suited” was an obvious choice with its chunked out Motown drums and catchy, punky, mod chorus. It showcases Speedy C’s M.O. of fusing live instrumentation with electronic dance sensibilities.

This Sukka Suited music video was filmed at the Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington, DC by Thievery Corporation guitarist/sitarist Rob Myers. The location was a perfect fit for the band’s retro vibe, with classic punk, indie posters and graphics lining the venue. The video also features the awesome art of the (now defunct) Mao Room at the club. Directed by the band, and inspired by 60’s and 70’s mod stylings, the video showcases their playful approach to music and collaboration.

Look and listen for Johnna on main vocals, Joyce on bass and vocals, Matt on guitar and background vocals, and Steve on everything else. Truly a family band, the group writes and records their music on family vacations and holidays… so with the Winter holidays almost here stay tuned for more fun retro dance goodies coming soon!


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