Joe Russo’s Almost Dead

Concert Review

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead

Brooklyn Bowl – January 24, 2015


After Furthur decided to call it quits last year, Phil Lesh focused his efforts on continuing his main side project Phil and Friends. This past New Years, he invited some new friends to support him for his first New Year’s run on the East Coast since the Grateful Dead’s “Boston Tea Party” in 1969. These new friends were the members of the 2-year old Joe Russo’s Almost Dead (JRAD), creating a collaboration that he dubbed as PhilRAD. The reviews coming out of those shows were spectacular; showing why Phil chose JRAD despite the fact that they had only played 9 shows up to that point. What JRAD brings is a high-energy intensity to each song that separates them from other Dead cover bands. This past weekend JRAD returned to the place it all started for them a few years ago, New York’s Brooklyn Bowl, for 2 sold-out shows. We caught the Saturday night show, and while Friday featured a shocking 15 JRAD debuts, Saturday turned out to be a barnburner filled with many fan favorites and a few surprises.

JRAD came out of the gates firing with a 17 minute-long “Alligator” and thus proved they weren’t afraid to put their own spin on the Dead’s tunes. This jam also displayed their ability to break out of the song’s structure and fill the space with top-notch improvisation, a pattern that would last all night. They smoothly transitioned into “Jack-a-Roe” and took it for a ride highlighted by guitarist Scott Metzger’s (Bustle in Your Hedgerow) brilliant replication of Jerry’s western-style picking and Marco Benevento’s (Garage A Trois) soaring keyboard solos. A funk-driven “Uncle John’s Band” came next, bringing the energy to a climax before they launched into their debut of The Band’s “Ophelia”. This song choice certainly caught the audience off-guard, as the Dead surprisingly never covered “Ophelia”, but it ended up being perfectly placed while the energy was at a high and the crowd certainly dug it. A beautiful rendition of “Ramble On Rose” seemed to make everyone immediately shift from dancing like maniacs to soulfully belting lyrics with their best Jerry impressions. It would be a shame not to make note of Tom Hamilton’s (Brothers Past) guitar work in “Ramble”, making this rendition worthy of a re-listen. JRAD then surprised the audience with the country-rock hit “Only Daddy That’ll Walk the Line”, a Waylon Jennings song that was never played by the Dead, but was played by Jerry during his stints with the New Riders of the Purple Sage. The band closed out the set with “Bertha”, in which Marco Benevento again displayed his mastery of the keys with a roaring solo.

The second set got started with a “Music Never Stopped” that featured some very deep space, giving Hamilton the chance to fill the space wonderfully before building up to another great solo. Next came the highlight of the night, an 18-minute “Cumberland Blues”, which was never jammed out that long by the Dead (JRAD also played a 21-minute “Black Peter” on Friday). Bassist Dave Dreiwitz (Ween) and drummer Joe Russo (Furthur) provided an extraordinary background that allowed the others to take this song for a spin that included several “China Cat Sunflower” teases and open-ended improvisation. Performances like this give JRAD an original style that separates them from being “just another Dead cover band”. Its almost hard to believe that this band has only played 14 shows, as their phenomenal chemistry allows them to improvise like the best of them.

After a short break to thank the fans, the band continued on with a “Help on the Way / Slipknot!” that got delightfully weird. Russo shined in the instrumental “Slipknot!” section by slowing down the pace initially and gradually building it up to a thunderous climax. JRAD kept the crowd’s feet moving with yet another fan pleasing hit – “Shakedown Street”. While each member chipped in his own solo during the jam, Benevento’s keyboard work kept the energy flowing throughout this rendition. Again refusing to stick to any so-called rules about how the Dead’s music should be played, “Shakedown” eventually broke down into a very bluesy jam before they launched into “Truckin”. This was obviously well received and JRAD certainly did justice to the Dead’s arguably most popular song. Dreiwitz carried the song on the bass, showing that he has adopted Lesh’s style well and adjusts it to JRAD’s often-intense pace. “Truckin” eventually shifted into “Space” for a few minutes before they ended the set with passionate “Morning Dew”. While this band definitely takes a high-energy approach to most songs, this “Dew” proved they could execute the more delicate songs to perfection. Hamilton’s heart-felt vocals and Russo’s emotional drumming make this version a must-listen. After playing two unrelenting sets with absolutely no fillers, the band knew they had to squeeze whatever energy was left out of the crowd and that’s exactly what they did with the “Brown Eyed Woman” encore. This rendition was a culmination of JRAD’s fresh approach to recreating the Dead’s music with originality, complete with soaring jams from each member (especially Metzger) and the ability to instantly switch pace as a unit.

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead blew the roof off the Brooklyn Bowl on Saturday night, plain and simple. While the first set offered a mix of staples and surprises, the second set was dedicated to absolutely crushing the songs they knew best and pushing the limits of where the jams could go. It was the kind of set where it would be a regrettable decision to hit the bathroom, especially since the Bowl was packed from wall to wall. This band has certainly cemented itself as one of the top acts playing GD music, and their sound is completely different than some of the best ones like Dark Star Orchestra. While a DSO concert might recreate the feeling of being at a Dead show thirty years ago, JRAD’s philosophy is to inject some fresh energy into each song and create new music through the improvised sections. And so far in their brief existence, they’ve been able to execute that and create something really special.

JRAD will be touring heavily around the country this Winter and Spring. They also will be performing on the festival circuit this summer including a stop at Wakarusa and a headlining set at High Sierra Music Festival.

Set One: Alligator> Jack A Roe> Uncle John’s Band, Ophelia, Ramble On Rose, Only Daddy That’ll Walk The Line>Bertha

Set Two: Music Never Stopped >
Cumberland Blues, 
Help On The Way>
Shakedown Street, Truckin,>
Morning Dew Encore: 
Brown Eyed Women

Show Download


Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

Announce 2015 Spring Tour Dates


Baltimore based groove rockers, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, have just announced their 2015 Spring Tour Dates. In 2014 PPPP toured extensively, rapidly gaining notoriety in the Mid-Atlantic and East Coast music scene and beyond.

The band will kick off their Spring Tour in March at the Bottleneck in Lawrence, KS with several Midwest dates followed by stops in the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and Northeast. 2015 is going to be a HUGE year for this band, if you’ve not had a chance to catch them live in action then do yourself a favor and join the “flockers” for a night to see what the hype is all about.

Check out “F.U.” off their most recent studio album, Psychology below.

DumpstaJam • Bear Creek

Live at Bear Creek Music Festival
Nov.15,2014 • Live Oak, FL


In 2014 Dumpstaphunk invited an all-star cast of musicians to join them at Bear Creek for an epic set dubbed “DumpstaJam”. The set features a rotating party of sit-ins from the best talents on the scene. What ensues is a non-stop funk journey as the group runs through covers with great poise from The Meters to P-Funk to Earth, Wind, & Fire.

This one is a must listen, just take a look at that guest list below !

Skerik – sax
Farnell Newton – trumpet
Carly Meyers – trombone
Jennifer Hartswick – vocals
Nikki Glaspie – drums
Nigel Hall – keys, vocals
Nick Cassarino – guitar, vocals
Oteil Burbridge – bass, vocals
Nate Edgar – bass
Brandon “Taz” Niederauer – guitar
George Porter Jr. – bass
unknown percussionist – percussion
Eric Bloom – trumpet
Jonathan Lloyd – trombone
Khris Royal – sax

Source: BT Etree

View the setlist here.


Contender for Best “Harry Hood” of All-Time


Picking the “best” version of any Phish song is certainly subjective, but there are often “go to” dates that fans can cite as the best version for many songs.

As I enjoyed listening to Phish this evening I came across one of my favorite renditions of “Harry Hood” from New Year’s Eve 1993 at Worcester Centrum Centre in Worcester, MA. The Hood appeared as the second to last song to conclude the 3rd set.

The first portion of the song is executed very well, but the improvisational passage at the end of the song just before the refrain, “you can feel good, good about hood, is very special. The epic jam, as most of you know, is a slow buildup towards a climatic peak with a very positive and happy energy. This jam seems to encapsulate the exploratory journey we all have through life and reminds us of all the great times we’ve enjoyed with my friends and family as Big Red, Cactus, Henrietta, and the Chairman of the boards ascend into a realm of uplifting musical bliss, the “IT” moment.

Let us know your favorite versions of “Harry Hood” in the comments section below.

Of Montreal

Live at The Pour House
Jan 21, 2015 • Charleston, SC

Big Fish Eat the Little Ones Photography

Of Montreal 03


Sounds from the Underground
Canadian Emcee – Halfcut


To kick off the week we would like to highlight some very strong underground hip-hop. Based in Canada, HalfCut is an emcee thriving on old school sounds and acts as a genuine story-teller on “Down For the Street” off his Free Mixtape “From Dungeons to Rooftops”. Enjoy the Free Download of the track below.

About HalfCut:

Halfcut is a true school emcee based out of Calgary, Alberta Canada. His music features many different styles but always maintains a strong focus on lyricism and word play. With a thorough knowledge of golden era and classic hip-hop, Halfcut manages to achieve what very few emcees do nowadays, honest and true expression.

Free Download

Dr. Dog • Concert Review

Live at Higher Ground

Jan. 20, 2015 • Burlington, VT


By: Ted Kammerer

Imagine that band in college that you wouldn’t miss a night in a basement with, even if it meant missing a final the next day or sex with your girlfriend who only likes female vocalists in rock’n’roll. That band that even though you only had beers with the guitarist and drummer one hazy night, you instantly felt like old pals with the rest of the guys; the band that would make sure love happened, nights sealed in warm embraces and laughter. The band that, for a second and then some, made you feel a little bit better about life. Dr. Dog captures that raw innocence and exuberance that can usually only be found in those stars-aligning, whirlwind-of-discovery young bands, meeting each other during the formative, inspirational years of twenty-something.

Higher Ground has seen Dr. Dog become the band that they are today from just about their touring inception; the young band opened up for My Morning Jacket in 2004, way back when Higher Ground was still located in Winooski. Still raw and emotional at over 15 years a band without ever being patronizing or weepy, Dr. Dog never lost their voraciousness through the years on the road or in the studio, and Tuesday’s show at Higher Ground was a living testament to this. Amongst a hipster-kaliedescope stage display, (and I mean that in the most loving sense of the phrase) of fake palm trees and art-school flamingo backdrops, Dr. Dog honed in on a chemistry that started as genuine as it was accidental and developed it like a fine wine over the course of the night. Musically slinking and thrashing against each other, they tight-roped across both the dark sonic landscapes of tracks like “The Beach” and the sincere positivity found in “The Distant Light,” sussing out new sounds within their unique, folky songbook channeled though a pop-sensible fuzztone-musicbox. A tired listener is never in the ranks of their fans; each night is a different exercise in gritty exploration amongst songs both bubble-gum familiar like “Lonesome” or tracks like 2010’s “Shadow People” dusted off from the back pages of their repertoire.

They’ve earned themselves more followers than most any indie-hybrid band of their size, routinely selling out East Coast venues and drawing a whole lotta love out of cities like Burlington, VT. It’s really special to see a band that kind of defies genre, definition, or even expectation (and that isn’t a jamband or dubstep duo) get so much attention when they come to town. They’ve proven to fans both seasoned and green that they can still shake you all night long, show after show, like an old lover who just got back from a trip across a distant, mystical land. And if you didn’t already listen to them, then your friend whose taste in music you have always really respected has told you about them after you inquired about the warm, lo-fi, patchwork folk’n’roll sounds coming from his turntable and curiosity has been piqued, to say the least. Either way, you’re going to their next show.

Rick Levinson Photography

Phases of the Moon

Phases of the Moon Moves to Mulberry Mountain



We wanted you to be the first to hear about some big news. Phases will be moving to a new date and location for 2015.

Phases of the Moon Music + Art Festival will now take place October 16-18, 2015 at Mulberry Mountain near Ozark, AR – the current location of Harvest Festival and Wakarusa. We have joined forces with Pipeline Productions to merge Phases with Harvest Fest and co-produce the event moving forward. The combined event will be called Phases of the Moon Music + Art Festival and will retain its emphasis on feel-good music, awe-inspiring artwork, and a transformative festival experience.

We believe that working with Pipeline’s fantastic staff and the time tested location of Mulberry Mountain will give us the best opportunity to create a sustainable fall camping festival that we all can enjoy for years to come.

Please know that this decision was bittersweet – We are forever grateful for the passionate and integral support we received from the Danville community in our inaugural year. We have to stay true to our vision and look towards the long-term viability of the fest. We sincerely hope our midwest family will join us at this beautiful new site. It’s gonna be worth it. We’re quite certain those intangible elements of artist magic and community will survive and flourish despite these inevitable forces of change.

Thank you for the continued support, and thanks for allowing us to evolve and grow. Lineup and ticket information will be announced soon. We look forward to seeing you at the fest! 2015 Lineup and ticket information will be announced soon.

Sam Shear & The Phases Team

Widespread Panic

Debuts Brand New Song at Panic En La Playa


Last night along the beaches of the Dominican Republic JB and the Home Team debuted a bring new song as a late second set treat. “Swear it Wasn’t Me” was nestled in a long second set segue: Driving Song > Shut Up and Drive > Party At Your Mama’s House (That Thang) > Drumz > Swear It Wasn’t Me ** > Driving Song > Breathing Slow.

There have been talks about a new Panic studio album for quite some time, but this is certainly some  positive reinforcement to clear any doubts… THIS ALBUM WILL ROCK. Jimmy slays a lengthy guitar solo to kick off the track and John Bell ferociously attacks these lyrics rocking the signature “backwards hat”. In fact, the song sounds like a true rock n roll classic from the past with a traditional blues-based foundation.

Panic en la Playa really is a Disneyland for Panic fans and this bust-out last night is just one of many treats fans are enjoying on the beach ! Check back for post-show coverage of the event and follow us on Twitter for live updates of Panic En Playa.

Stream past nights of Panic En La Playa by visiting our friends over at Panicstream.

ALO’s Tour d’Amour IX

10 California Cities February 12 – 27, 2015

 with  T Sisters and Fruition on select dates.


California-born ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra) is back in their home state this February for Tour d’Amour IX, the band’s annual winter tour celebrating love – of music, for their many loyal fans, and their fondness for the Golden State.

Tour d’Amour IX launches February 12 in Los Angeles and winds south, north, and inland, hitting 10 cities throughout the 11 show run. Santa Barbara’s Soho will feature a 2015: a Love Odyssey theme night. The tour wraps up with two very special nights at San Francisco’s Fillmore on February 27 and 28 – “Flashback Friday” will include a start to finish performance of their Fly Between Falls album celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Saturday’s theme will be “Love Potion #9”. Joining ALO on ten of the Tour d’Amour dates are the rootsy and evocative T Sisters ; string-infused quintet Fruition will join them for one show at the Fillmore. New this year to the Tour d’Amour, on February 28 at The Fillmore the band hosts their first ever Sing-Along for Kids matinee. See below for the complete list of Tour d’Amour IX shows.

Each year, a portion of proceeds from Tour d’Amour are donated to non-profit organizations who work to bring music to children. For the duration of this ninth installment of the Tour d’Amour, money raised will benefit Creative Arts Charter School in San Francisco who provide hands-on, arts-integrated public education to primary and middle school students in the San Francisco Unified School District.

Tour d’Amour IX is a sort of homecoming for the members of ALO, as each of them have been working independently on some exciting musical projects. ALO guitarist Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz recently performed shows with The Grateful Dead’s Phil Lesh and has been touring with Steve Kimock’s Tribute to Jerry Garcia, while bassist Steve Adams and keyboardist Zach Gill have been touring with Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers and Jack Johnson respectively.

Since the New Year, however, the guys in ALO – including drummer Dave Brogan – have been working on new songs, to be recorded this winter for their long time label home Brushfire Records. Beyond that, you can always count on ALO’s legendarily raucous and high energy live shows with love themes in the air, as the Tour d’Amour tradition promises once more to take the group and their audiences to new musical heights.

Tour d’Amour IX Dates:
02/12/15 Troubadour – West Hollywood, CA w/ T Sisters
02/13/15 Belly Up Tavern – Solana Beach, CA w/ T Sisters
02/14/15 SOhO Restaurant & Music Club – Santa Barbara, CA w/ T Sisters
02/15/15 The Cave – Big Bear Lake, CA w/ T-Sisters
02/19/15 Harlow’s Night Club – Sacramento, CA w/ T Sisters
02/20/15 Center or the Arts – Grass Valley, CA w/ T Sisters
02/21/15 The Crystal Bay Casino – Crystal Bay, NV w/ T Sisters
02/22/15 Sierra Nevada Brewing Company – Chico, CA (Evening with ALO)
02/26/15 Moe’s Alley – Santa Cruz, CA w/ T Sisters
02/27/15 The Fillmore – San Francisco, CA (10th anniversary performance of Fly Between Falls) w/ Fruition
02/28/15 The Fillmore – San Francisco, CA w/ T Sisters + a 3PM Sing-Along for Kids Matinee!

Tickets on sale now at

Peebs The Prophet • New EP

Peebs The Prophet


(Prod. Phoniks & Blunt One)


Named on our Artist to Watch in 2015 list , Phoniks is hitting the ground running for the new year with “Ills of the Earth”. While Peebs the Prophet has previously collaborated with Awon and Dephlow this EP marks Peebs’ first official release on Don’t Sleep Records. The EP is strong from start to finish with top emcee’s delivering lyrical finesse over beats from none other than Phoniks and Blunt One. This is only the beginning of much more to come from Don’t Sleep Records in 2015.

The “Ills Of The Earth” EP is the debut release from Portland, ME emcee Peebs The Prophet and the second official release from Awon & Phoniks new independent label “Don’t Sleep Records”. The project is composed of 6 tracks featuring dark jazzy productions provided by Portland, Maine producer Phoniks and Budapest-based beatsmith Blunt One along with guest verses from Virginia’s Awon and Dephlow. The intricate multisyllabic rhyme schemes and grimy boom bap beats will remind listeners of mid-90’s NYC demo tapes and independent white labels. Limited edition CD’s including all 6 instrumentals will be available via the official Don’t Sleep Records Bandcamp and digital copies will be available for stream/download on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify and more. Press play and zone out. Peace!

Pay What you Want

The Heavy Pets

Winter Tour Kicks Off This Weekend in San Francisco


The Heavy Pets kick off their Winter Tour 2015 this weekend with their first headlining San Francisco two-night stand at the Boom Boom Room. The run then continues for four nights in Florida, four nights in New York, two nights in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont and two nights in Denver, CO before wrapping it up at AURA Music & Arts Festival at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park. At AURA, fans can catch one prime THP set and six side-project sets including Lather Up!, Fat Mannequin, Spontaneous Underground, Funkin’ Grateful, DuBBle James and Stinky Pockets.

1/23: San Francisco, CA @ Boom Boom Room w/ Chris Zanardi & The High Beamz
1/24: San Francisco, CA @ Boom Boom Room
2/4: Jupiter, FL @ Guanabanas
2/5 Tallahassee, FL @ Side Bar Theatre w/ Big Something
2/6: Orlando, FL @ The Social w/ Savi Fernandez Band, Big Something
2/7: Gainesville, FL @ The Jam w/ Savi Fernandez Band, Big Something
2/12: Manchester, CT @ Main Pub
2/13: Albany, NY @ The Hollow w/ Beau Sasser’s Escape Plan
2/14: Providence, RI @ The Spot Underground w/ Cosmal, Green Tea
2/16: Stowe, VT @ The Matterhorn
2/17: Boston, MA @ Wonder Bar w/ Otis Grove
2/18: Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Bowl w/ Natalie Cressman Band, FiKus
2/19: Northampton, MA @ Hinge w/ William Thompson Funk Experiment
2/20: Syracuse, NY @ Funk ‘n Waffles (Downtown) w/ Sophistafunk (THP post-Umphrey’s McGee)
2/21: Buffalo, NY @ Iron Works w/ BrownSugar
2/27: Denver, CO @ Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom w/ The Magic Beans
2/28: Denver, CO @ Cervantes Otherside
3/6-8: Live Oak, FL for AURA Music & Arts Festival

3/26-29: Tampa Bay, FL for Spring Beer Jam @ Dunedin Brewery w/ The Nth Power, The Fritz, Naughty Professor, Ketchy Shuby, Spontaneous Underground, Lather Up!, Fat Mannequin, DuBBle James, DJ Tony D, Displace
4/11: Columbia, SC for River Rocks Festival
5/16: Brooksville, FL for Orange Blossom Jamboree
5/22-24: Kingston Downs, GA for CounterPoint Music Festival
6/18-19: Hedgesville, WV for The Mad Tea Party Jam
7/24: Erie, PA for The Gathering at Chaffee’s

Handsome Jack

Band of the Week


For those who think the days of true Rock N Roll are only a thing of the past, Handsome Jack stands as living example to discredit such logic. The era of Classic Rock will always remain as a landmark of pure genius within the context of music history. However, the present day offers a great deal of talent from those who bring the sounds of the past together with their own unique energy that breathe new life to Rock N Roll.

Handsome Jack exudes a strong emphasis on roots rock and lyrical aptitude reminiscent of rock legends. Their self described “Boogie Rock” is infused with gritty guitar fuzz tones, feel-based pentatonic blues virtuosity, and strong grooves that succinctly compliment their vocal delivery.


About Handsome Jack:

HANDSOME JACK hails from Buffalo NY and began as a blues garage rock band. After high school they moved out of the garage and developed their sound into a natural soulful boogie that remains rooted in raw blues. They’ve shared the stage with The Sheepdogs, Blue Cheer, Gov’t Mule, J. Geils, The Hold Steady, and Robert Randolph to name a few.



The Infamous Stringdusters • Photos

Live at the State Theatre

January 16, 2015 • Falls Church, VA

Josh Brick Graphics


Dopapod • Full Spring Tour Dates

Announces Complete List of Spring Tour Dates

10931363_10152798820329221_8410868082975363595_nOne of the top rising talents in the progressive live music has released their full list of Spring Tour Dates. Tickets & more info available at

Dopapod offers lengthy sets of menacing high energy rock n’ roll for fans who crave improvisation and the unpredictable !


Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park • October 1 – 4, 2015


Bear Creek Music has announced that Bear Creek Music & Art Festival will return to Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park (SOSMP) in Live Oak, Florida on a new weekend, moving from mid-November to October 1 – 4, 2015. Hosting Bear Creek earlier in the fall is expected to provide warmer weather for fans.

Steeped in the tradition of New Orleans and New York funk music, Bear Creek’s line up always provides an eclectic mix of artists and powerful big bands like The Roots, Bootsy Collins, Umphrey’s McGee, Galactic, Lotus, Dumpstaphunk and Lettuce along with genre-defining performers in world and roots music, live electronic, rock, and everything in between. As is tradition at Bear Creek, many of the bands perform on two separate dates during the weekend and several talented instrumentalists act as artists-at-large, creating memorable surprise sit-ins and inspired performances. Bear Creek also features live art, yoga and workshops, along with a charity food drive and disc golf tournament.

Recognized as one of the most beautiful live music venues in the country, Bear Creek goers at SOSMP can enjoy music on three outdoor stages and one indoor stage including the famed Amphitheater Stage, set in the midst of towering pine and oak trees decorated with Spanish moss. The park also offers guest comforts including a general store, full-service restaurant, showers and water stations.

A limited number of early bird tickets will go on sale Monday, March 30 at 10 am EST. To join the wait list for cabins, golf cart rentals and RV hook-ups, please contact Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park at (386) 364-1683. Stay tuned for the phase 1 artist announcement!

Live & Listen + LiveMusicDaily

Live Music Daily Teams up with Live & Listen

for Annual Spring Concert with Scarlet Begonias

Benefitting The Cancer Wellness Foundation


We are  proud to team up with Live & Listen for their Annual Spring Concert event. In the past few months we’ve worked with Live & Listen for events with artists including Earphunk, McLovins, Federal Expression, and Rollin’ in the Hay at the brand new music venue, Alley Warehouse, in the heart of downtown Montgomery, AL.

In honor of The Grateful Dead‘s 50th Anniversary, Scarlet Begonias will be playing two very special Dead sets for the 2015 Spring concert on Good Friday – April 3rd. You will not want to miss this one! *Benefitting The Cancer Wellness Foundation of Central Alabama

Check back soon for a full concert preview, exclusive pre-show releases, and more.

String Cheese Incident • Photos

Live at The Paramount Theatre
Seattle, WA • January 16, 2015

Jason Charme Photography

String Cheese Incident 2014-1-16-2015011617-47


String Cheese Incident 2014-1-16-2015011617-38

String Cheese Incident 2014-1-16-2015011717-186

String Cheese Incident 2014-1-16-2015011617-29

String Cheese Incident 2014-1-16-2015011717-135

String Cheese Incident 2014-1-16-2015011717-35

String Cheese Incident 2014-1-16-2015011617-314

String Cheese Incident 2014-1-16-2015011617-145

String Cheese Incident 2014-1-16-2015011617-139

String Cheese Incident 2014-1-16-2015011617-74

String Cheese Incident 2014-1-16-2015011617-25

Jam Cruise Day 2 • Photos

Jam Cruise 13

Jan 6-11, 2015 • MSC Divina
Miami, FL • Roatan, Honduras • Costa Maya, MX

Jason Charme Photography


B Side Shuffle

LiveMusicDaily Exclusive Premiere

B Side Shuffle Music Video • The Window


Photo Credit: Phrazz

Live Music Daily proud to exclusively premier B Side Shuffle’s brand new live video for “The Window” – a soulful, chilled out banger of a track that should add some spice to your weekend. Download the live audio below for FREE.

We had a chance to check out one of B Side Shuffle’s sold-out ragers at DC’s 9:30 Club last year, and were immediately impressed. Their legions of loyal fans are a force to be reckoned with. And as any Shuffler will tell you, their shows are more than just concerts. They’re experiences. The band works hard to keep it that way, and it shows.

Heading into 2015, B Side looks stronger than ever. This week they announced main stage sets at Camp Barefoot, to the raving delight of their social media followers. More festival dates are trickling out now.

In addition to a short break for studio time in the spring, they’ll be playing out in Charlottesville, Richmond, Nova, Baltimore (with special guest Patrick Rainey of the Bridge), and more. Check out the “LIVE” section at for a full list of dates.

Free Download


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