Major & the Monbacks

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Major & the Monbacks

CD Release Party Dates

The future and integrity of music depends on our generation. Bands like Major and the Monbacks are keeping authentic music alive and pushing it forward as we soar into 2015. They have revived the energy and grit of southern soul, blending this old school style with “60’s infused southern twang” that stirs dreamlike visions of Otis Redding and Chuck Berry playing a beer soaked fraternity party.

Following a highly successful Kickstarter campaign the band headed to Nashville’s WELCOME TO 1979 studio to record their first full length album. The album is set for release in April. We will not only be offering you exclusive album coverage, but we will also we capturing the band on the road for their CD release dates.

Live Music Daily is pleased to announce we will be supporting the band for their Album Release Concerts at The Southern in Charlottesville, VA w/ Kendall St. CompanyThe Broadberry in Richmond with Griff’s Room Band & Special Guests, and Sycamore Deli in Blacksburg, VA w/ The Trongone Band. 

Check back soon for some very special contests and exclusive coverage.

Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe


Live in Portland

Feb.20, 2015 • Crystal Ballroom

KDTU Run DMC Remixed 2015-2-20-20150220114-911

St. Paul & The Broken Bones



Real music grasps your soul, tells you about life, the struggles, the hardships, and the good times. It is more than something you simply listen to passively.

I know the 60’s and 70’s will likely remain the best eras in music history– period. However, some groups are harnessing that energy, compassion, and artistic integrity of eras past. St. Paul & The Bones indicates a commitment to the preservation of genuine-honest music on levels I have not seen in a very long time

The first time you get to see St. Paul & the Broken Bones live you’ll see what all the buzz is about. This band has it all. The front man, a killer horn section, and a whole lot of soul.

Today we are pleased to bring you a free stream of their performance like at Bear Creek Music Festival.

Johnny Cash

Happy Birthday to a Legend


By John Mikeska:

Happy Birthday to the man, the myth, the outlaw, the legend. Today we celebrate the life of a man who broke all the rules, redefined an industry, and ultimately conquered internal and external demons on his way to becoming one of the most influential figures of his time. Today we salute and pay our respects to the veteran, the cultural icon and national treasure; a true hero of the American Dream… Mr. Johnny Cash


Releases New Track off SAY IT LOUD

Due Out March 2015


Well buckle up, GRiZ is ready to take you on another non-stop funk space filled voyage with his appropriately titled new track, “The Anthem” featuring Mike Avery. “The Anthem” has a powerful backbone covered in sax laden magic. Read the official GRiZ release on the new album below for more information.

Off my new album – SAY IT LOUD – out this March 2015.


For this record I first went out to New York to record with some of the daptone records guys to get the main groove Of the tune. Then I had to travel out to Van Nyus to record a children’s choir, which was the most nerve racking thing I have done in my entire life! Having a group of 7-11 year olds sing your song is quite the feeling. I then finished up the song with Mike Avery in Chicago. He was one super soulful dude and really captured the golden era funk vibes that I love so much. Overall, this is a song that is a total funk dance party. Enjoy with friends, preferably in a room full of disco balls :)

The Soul Diaries

Nikita Chauhan Presents

The Soul Diaries : Volume 30


Radio DJ at Roundhouse Radio, Nikita Chauhan, brings you yet another exquisite Soul Diaries mix. Be sure to check out the entire Soul Diaries mix series on Soundcloud, all mixes are available for Free Download. Catch Nikita live on Roundhouse Radio every Friday at 4pm GMT here.

The Soul Diaries: Chapter 30

Bringing the best in alternative soul, hip-hop, electronic and more together.

This edition features an EXCLUSIVE first-play on The Soul Diaries of DrewsThatDude x Fortune ‘Fast’ a free download via our soundcloud.

This weeks we launch ‘Soul Diaries Selects’ and the first artist his Flamingosis with his EP ‘Kahunastyle’.

Headphones on, speakers high and lets float away to the beats!

Free Download


Track List:

*SDS* @flamingosis – Midnight In Montreal *SDS*

@fullcrate – Hurt Your Back

@jengibeats – Guap Lab

Lucy Pearl – Don’t Mess With My Man (@le_marquis remix)

Will Smith – Men In Black (Color K Remix)

*SDS* @flamingosis – Groovin *SDS*

ILOVEMAKONNEN x Drake – Tuesday (@Le_Marquis Cover)

@lafayetteellis – From Time

@fancyclown – Wooden Chair

Tinashe – Days In The West (@yuahrel remix)

@eltrainmusic – The Feeling

Busta Rhymes & Janet Jackson X Tek.Lun (@yazbeatz remix)

@romderful – Wish You Were Here (I Miss You)

@chillchap – Rainforest

*SDS* @flamingosis – She Loved Me *SDS*

@juancristobal – Only You

* TSD EXCLUSIVE – @drewsthatdude x @fortune_beats – FAST *

ZHU – Faded (Vesper x Kalev Remix)

Molly Williams & @cosmicquest – Higher

@gdna-music ft. Jo Def – Reasons

@tunji_ige – Day 2 Day

Beyonce – Rocket (@garrenlangford remix)

*SDS* @flamingosis – Can It Be *SDS*

@ruckp – Rock On/Great Day (former Soul Diaries Exclusive)

@prie – Mother’s Son, Father’s Prince

@elhaemusic – Halfway Love

@elhaemusic – Wonder Woman (lil. @telescope_thieves .edit.Thankyou.for5k.followers)

@dylan-kidd-1 – Goodbye Love You

@kimani_morgan – Dream Girl

@romderful – How Can I (Love Someone So Far Away)

Beyonce – Say My Name (Stevie G Remix)

Trey Songz – Slow Motion (@Flow-Castle Remix)

Marvin Gaye – Get It On (@lucalush x @joshpan Remix)

Gathering of the Vibes


The Gathering of the Vibes lineup is armed with big name acts from Wilco to Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings to Gregg Allman to Zappa Plays Zappa.  can honestly say I’d enjoy seeing live on their own. Seeing them all live at Seaside Park in Bridgeport, CT July 30-August 2nd in the summer sun sounds like a blast. All killer, no filler ! Hats off to Gathering of the Vibes on this one !

Be sure to check out the 2014 video recap below.

Thanks for hanging in there with us today, VibeTribe…that’s why we love you! Here it is, your initial lineup for the 20th Annual Gathering of the Vibes! Don’t forget to tag your friends! Way Advance Weekend Camping Passes available here: Grab your tickets now or secure them with our layaway plan. We can’t wait to see you at Seaside, VibeTribe!‪#‎Vibes20‬ ‪#‎VibeTribe‬ ‪#‎GoVibes‬

Camp Barefoot 9 • Lineup


Well… This one is going to be a blast. There is a strong variety on here, choice selections from a couple genres within the festival scene. The headliners are strong, but what stands out is that the entire rest of the bill is superb from start to finish with some of the top rising artists on the scene. You’ve got acts like The Broadcast, ELM, and Jackass Flats playing x2. We will be back to bring you more on this in the  near future. Till then check out the official release below…

We are stoked to release our Completed Lineup with Big Gigantic, The Greyboy Allstars (2 sets), Dumpstaphunk (2 sets with one being a 70’s Tribute Set), and Emancipator (late night set). ‪#‎getsome‬ ‪#‎cbfunkout‬

CONTEST TIME: We want to give you a chance to win 2 Free General Admission passes to Camp Barefoot 9. All you need to do is like this post, comment on what band you are most excited for, and tag 2 friends. This contest will end on March 2nd at 11:59 p.m. and the Winner will be announced on March 5th.


Concert Review

Live in Portland

Roseland Theater • Feb. 21, 2015

Lotus 2015-2-21-20150222115-64

Written by Mitch Melheim

Both anticipation and expectations were high for Lotus’ first appearance in Portland in almost two years and to say they didn’t disappoint would be an understatement. After hearing from multiple people that Lotus was at the top of their game right now, I knew that I was in for a treat but didn’t realize quite how a special of a night it was going to be.

They wasted no time as they started out strong with the electro-funk of “Middle Road” that got the crowd into it right away. After a quick greeting from Luke Miller (guitar, keys), the band busted into fan favorite and particularly groovy “Nematode”. Always a treat early in the show, “Nematode” set the tone for what would be perfect set list placement all night long and displayed the brilliance of Lotus as even through the spaciness of this jam, the crowd stays moving the entire time, bouncing along to the percussion duo of Chuck Morris and Mike Greenfield.

New song “Basin to Benin” then made an appearance and lost none of it’s funk without the addition of live horns that they’ve been using occasionally on this tour. I really like this song and it has me anxious to hear more of what they’ve been working on in preparation for their upcoming album. A wonderful, guitar-heavy “Destroyer” then followed that up before heading into what was potentially the highlight of the night.

That highlight would be the epic set-closing journey of “Bubonic Tonic” > “Tip of the Tongue” > “Zelda” > “Tip of the Tongue”. This near thirty minutes of musical bliss featured, amongst many other things; a vocoder appearance from Luke during “Bubonic Tonic”, a slight doom metal appearance during “Zelda”, and the cosmic funk adventure that was “Tip of the Tongue”.

Picking right back up where they left off, the second set began with a particularly synth-heavy version of “Bush Pilot” off their self-titled 2011 album before heading into another Lotus classic and fan favorite, “Livingston Storm”. The song’s smooth groove soon turned to a full on dance party as the Miller brothers, Jesse (bass and keys) and Luke, took over the jam, further proving the difficulty of labeling Lotus’ music as it feels like dance music but includes a level of class and complexity that would be respected in any jazz club.

Following the transition from intense electro jam back into the casual riff of “Livingston Storm” is the ever smooth and swaying rhythms of “Arupa”. Usually I am one to object to the STS9 and Lotus comparisons but “Arupa” shows undeniable similarities between the two with its melodic rhythm and use of grainy samples.

Yet another flawless segue jam into the aptly named “Mikesnack” which serves mainly as a vehicle for lead guitarist Mike Rempel to blow everybody away with his swirling guitar riffs and freakish solos. This was a particularly great version of “Mikesnack” that I thought was right up there with the first set’s ending run as the highlight of the night.

Next up was “Lead Pipe”, another perfectly placed song to allow us to catch our breath after the hectic “Mikesnack” but that didn’t mean anybody was dancing any less. This song, beginning with the Beastie Boys’ “Root Down” sample before dipping into the melodic wubs of the hook starts out very dubby and then jumped into a drum & bass jam that brought the tempo back up again before slowing down as an extra microphone was brought out for Pan Astral lead singer, Gabriel Otto, dressed as David Byrne, to come out and cover “This Must Be The Place” by the Talking Heads.

Otto’s band, Pan Astral, was brought along by Lotus to support them on the West Coast leg of their tour after his captivating performances as David Byrne during Lotus’ Talking Heads Reconstucted shows at Gathering of the Vibes and Red Rocks last year. It’s been great watching Otto’s stage presence as David Byrne and it’s clear that the band loves having him up there, smirking to each other as he runs around the stage acting out of control with his classic Byrne antics.

An Umbilical Moonrise riff by Rempel at the end of “This Must Be The Place” got more than a few people in my section jumping and smiling, but it ended as just a tease drawing sarcastic disappointment from some of the more dedicated fans in attendance.

The crowd energy heightened as the band pulled out “128” to close the second set. This song begins with an intro that is comparable to the psy-trance sound of Shpongle until busting into another Rempel-led groove. “128” displays most of what I love about this band between the guitar work of Mike Rempel, the electronic-heavy sound, and most importantly, the willingness to get weird with it.

The night came to a perfect end as “Disappear in a Blood Red Sky” closed out the show in the encore. Something about that song makes me feel like I’m watching the ending credits scroll by after a movie. It was a truly impressive set list configuration that seemed to convey a plot the whole way through.

This is indeed, a band at the top of their game.


2/21/2015 – Roseland Theater – Portland, OR
Middle Road
Basin to Benin
Bubonic Tonic >
Tip of the Tongue >
Zelda >
Tip of the Tongue
Bush Pilot
Livingston Storm
Arupa >
Lead Pipe >
This Must Be the Place
Disappear in a Blood Red Sky

Jason Charme Photography

Yonder • New Album

New Album – “Black Sheep” – Set for June 2015 Release

“Sounds more like Yonder than any record we’ve ever done”


Joined by violinist Allie Kral and mandolin virtuoso Jacob Jolliff, Black Sheep marks the first time in Yonder’s history that we’re actually utilizing, throughout an entire record, the conventional five-piece instrumental arsenal of bluegrass introduced in the 1940s: guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, and bass. The result, says Kaufmann, is that, “This record sounds more like Yonder than any record we’ve ever done. I’m hoping that when people are finished listening to it, they’ll just hit play and listen to it again.”

Black Sheep is scheduled for national release on our own Frog Pad Records at Telluride Bluegrass Festival on June 16, 2015. We look forward to sharing Black Sheep with you, stay tuned for details coming your way on a pre-order, video, and more!

Poor Man’s Whiskey

Cover of the Week

“Ramblin’ Man” – The Allman Brothers Band


Let’s take a look back at this incredible cover by Poor Man’s Whiskey from Sebastopol Community Center in 2014. The southern rock hit, “Ramblin’ Man”, first appeared on the 1973 Allman Brother’s album, Brothers & Sisters. In Alan Paul’s One Way Out: The Inside History of the Allman Brothers Band , he notes that the song was actually written during the Eat a Peach sessions, not Brothers & Sisters. Tackling this monstrosity of a hit is no easy feat, but Poor Man’s Whiskey does some serious justice to this song.

Video by: SojaMusicProductions

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

Winter/Summer 2015 Tour

Dates added in Aspen, St. Louis, & Knoxville


Mid-Atlanic flockers,  Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, have announced three additional tour dates on their Winter/Spring Tour. The group has added shows in Aspen, CO , St. Louis, MO , and Knoxville, TN. The band is currently on their Winter Tour. Their next performance is Wednesday night at Iron Horse Music Hall in Northhampton, MA with special guest Aqueous. For more tour dates and information visit Pigeons Playing Ping Pong’s Official Site.

Additional Tour Dates:

3/19 – Aspen, CO – Snowmass Base Village
3/25 – St. Louis, MO – The Bootleg
4/14 – Knoxville, TN – The Concourse

Yonder Mountain String Band

Yonder • Greensky Bluegrass • Fruition

Announce Red Rocks Concert • August 21, 2015


Three of the top jam grass acts have announced they will take Red Rocks by storm on August 21, 2015. Certainly not the first time these groups have crossed paths for some epic sit-ins, but this particular night will serve as a foundation for tons of sit-ins. Presale is THIS WEDNESDAY (Feb.25) and public on-sale begins Feb.28th at 10am MT.

Also, don’t forget to check out the video below of Yonder with Panic’s John Bell covering “New Speedway Boogie” at Kinfolk celebration. Video by: coloartist


Guess what, Colorado? We’re coming back to Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre on Friday, August 21st with our good friends Greensky Bluegrass and Fruition! We can’t wait to return to the most amazing venue on Earth with some of our favorite musicians and with all of you!

Pre-sale begins Wednesday February 25th at 10am MT and Public on-sale begins Saturday February 28 also at 10am MT. ‪#‎ymsbsummer15‬

Heart Byrne

Live in Dallas

Club Dada • Feb.21. 2015

Mountain Trout Photography

HB Dada-1041

Tedeschi Trucks • 2015 Summer Dates

Tedeschi Trucks Band + Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings

Join Forces for Wheels of Soul 2015 Tour

WOS_ alt square wrap

This summer, TTB is joining forces with modern soul legends Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings and acclaimed guitarist and longtime TTB friend and collaborator Doyle Bramhall II for a tour of some of the finest outdoor venues across the country. The Wheels of Soul 2015 tour starts rolling on June 5th in Paso Robles, CA – one of four nights in the Golden State that kick off a run of west/midwest dates. A second leg will launch in mid-July with stops at venues east of the Mississipi – these dates have yet to announce, so stay tuned!

We’re running fan pre-sales for each date through the TTB Tour Page – just click the “Tickets” button on the tour page to get yours with no special codes needed. Here’s a full list of dates with pre-sale date and times listed in parentheses (all pre-sales begin at 10am local time):

6/5 – Paso Robles, CA – Vina Robles Amphitheatre (Pre-sale begins 2/24)
6/6 – Berkeley, CA – Greek Theatre (Pre-sale begins 3/3)
6/7 – Santa Barbara, CA – Santa Barbara Bowl (Pre-sale begins 2/24)
6/10 – Los Angeles, CA – Greek Theatre (Pre-sale TBA)
6/13 – Morrison, CO – Red Rocks Amphitheatre (On sale now)
6/19 – Somerset, WI – Somerset Amphitheater (Pre-sale begins 2/24)
6/21 – Highland Park, IL – Ravinia Festival (Pre-sale TBA)
6/23 – Rochester, MI – Meadow Brook (Pre-sale begins 2/24)
6/25 – Rochester, NY – Rochester Int’l Jazz Festival (Pre-sale begins 2/24)
6/26 – Cincinnati, OH – PNC Pavilion (Pre-sale begins 3/3)
6/27 – Huber Heights, OH – Music Center at The Heights (Pre-sale begins 3/3)

Tedeschi Trucks Official

Sam Roberts Band

Band of the Week


Since 2001 Sam Roberts has been a best selling independent Canadian artist. After spending time in other bands like William and Northstar, Roberts finally find his niche when he released, The Inhuman Condition. Since then Roberts has recorded several albums under the “Sam Roberts Band”. Smiling on traditions of story telling through songwriting, this band gets what it takes to make a well rounded sound. There’s not too much focus on vocals nor is there too much emphasis on improvisation. Instead, they successfully execute their original work well on all fronts to give listeners a stellar combination of all things great about the art of songwriting.

Sam Roberts Band is relaxing, but remains energetic at the same time. This fine balance makes them a great choice for your Friday evening as you ease yourself into the weekend. Happy Friday Folks !

About Sam Roberts: 

Sam Roberts was living in a hobbit hole on a mountain in Spain, watching the sun set on the hills of Andalucia when the lyrics of “Golden Hour” came to him. If that were the only unusual thing about the making of ‘Lo-Fantasy,’ his fifth studio album, it would still be remarkably strange, but this is no ordinary Sam Roberts Band record.

One year earlier:

New songs were taking shape in the dim glow of Sam’s Montreal basement studio. “It might have taken less time if my kids had respected my privacy a little more,” says Roberts. “Once I put a lock on the door, things started to move faster.” The songs were calling on a broad spectrum of influences, from the Clash to Fela Kuti, from electronic-gurus Underworld to Etienne De Crecy, from Gordon Lightfoot to Ray Davies. What the music needed was a producer and a visionary who could help sculpt these different directions into a focused, living whole. The band took a shot in the dark and sent rough demos across the pond… Who they got was Youth.

Youth (a.k.a. Martin Glover) boasted an incredible resume, with production credits ranging from The Verve’s ‘Urban Hymns’ to Crowded House, as well as stints performing with Paul McCartney, ambient-techno kings The Orb, and post-punk outfit Killing Joke. “His musical background hit every note, all the colours we were trying to put on the record,” says Roberts. They met in Montreal for a freezing February week of pre-production, Youth swearing it had to be “Hell on Earth!” He pored over Roberts’ new tracks with an irreverent and unrelenting eye. “He’d say, ‘Where’s the chorus, man?’” Roberts laughs in his best British accent. “‘That’s not a chorus. THIS is the chorus.’ He was unapologetically ripping the songs to pieces, putting songwriter and band to the test. I had to defend my music, know when to dig in my heels, know when to try a different approach. You have to be elastic enough that you’re open to the new possibilities, and our bond grew stronger through that.”

At the end of the week, Youth returned to England, leaving Roberts and his band—guitarist Dave Nugent, bassist James Hall, keyboardist Eric Fares, and drummer Josh Trager—to make sense of it all. Songs were shuffled, jettisoned, and reassembled, verses became choruses and choruses became verses. While Sam and the band might normally spend twelve months recording an album, Youth returned to Montreal in May and informed them that they’d be recording ‘Lo-Fantasy’ live-off the studio floor in twelve days. “The weather,” he said, “was much better…”

“We worked insanely long hours – after three days of that you’re almost in a hallucinogenic state, like an ayahuasca journey – or so I’ve heard,” Roberts laughs. “Youth would be in the control room with his Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned, dancing and doing oil painting interpretations of the songs while we were recording, and we’re thinking, ‘My God we’ve got a madman at the helm!’”

The combination of sleep deprivation, excitement, uncertainty, and adrenaline pushed the band outside any notion of comfort, generating their most dynamic and inventive arrangements to date. It also helped capture the fiery spirit and urgency that have made their live shows so legendary, earning them spots performing everywhere from Letterman and Conan to Bonnaroo, ACL, Lollapalooza and Bumbershoot, and alongside heroes like the Rolling Stones and AC/DC. “Youth would be very encouraging and constructive, and then sometimes he’d be ruthless,” Sam explains. “You’d be sweating over a guitar part or a vocal take and you’d hear Youth say, ‘Lame!’ in the headphones. Devastatingly direct… It became this real psychological trip. He’s there to create an atmosphere in which a record is going to be made, to shake you right out of your boots as a musician and hold your feet to the fire. And after a while you adapt to being in that frame of mind where you have to think on your feet and be ready to try everything completely differently. If you got Youth up on his feet dancing, you knew you were on the right track.”

It’s only fitting, then, that ‘Lo-Fantasy’ opens with the slithery groove of “Shapeshifters,” an ode to fluid identity and flexible self-image. “That song is a gateway to a lot of what happens on the rest of the record,” Roberts says. “It was one of the first I wrote for the album, an all-out dance track, and I felt that with a song like this under my belt, I wasn’t going to be pigeonholed into making any one specific kind of record.”

From the anthemic call for solidarity of “We’re All In This Together” to the electro-thump of “Chasing The Light,” ‘Lo-Fantasy’ is indeed the most wide-ranging collection Roberts has ever written, infusing his particularly rousing brand of rock and roll with elements of funk, house, electronic, and African music. Throughout it all, his lyrics grapple with greater questions of identity and self-discovery in the modern age. “That’s the test of a rock and roll song or a pop song to me,” Roberts says. “It’s to confront those issues in three or four minutes, to get to a place where the music itself helps bring you towards some enlightenment, or at least some resolution to those big questions.”

Once tracking was completed, Roberts and Nugent headed to Spain for the final touches at El Mirador Studio, a beautiful mountaintop retreat Youth had constructed overlooking olive orchards and modeled after sketches of hobbits’ homes in Middle Earth from the ‘Lord Of The Rings.’ It was there, in his own personal hobbit hole, that Roberts completed work on the album’s final songs, a fittingly strange end to a particularly surreal and mystical recording process.

A remix studio was set up just outside the control room, where Youth and Eddie Banda would take the newly-minted tracks and twist them into electronic incarnations ready for the dance-floors of the world. “We were going through a heavy ‘Tears for Fears’ phase on our last tour,” Roberts explains, so for the final phase of the record, mixing duties were given to Dave Bascombe, renowned UK mixer and engineer on ‘Songs From The Big Chair.’

“Low fantasy is a literary genre that takes place in a world very much like our own, but in which magic – or the possibility of magic – exists,” Roberts says. “It’s grounded in reality, but it’s an altered reality. You can still ride a train to Alberta, but there’s a place for the supernatural in this otherwise rational world – it’s out there and we haven’t tapped into it yet.” Maybe music is the bridge….


Throwback Thursday

Sound Tribe Sector Nine

NYE 2013 • Atlanta, GA • The Tabernacle


Today we take you back to Tribe’s 2013 NYE run at the Tabby. As expected, over the five night run there were some great jams, bust outs, and covers. The actual NYE show (Dec.31) is available for streaming below. We have selected some highlights from other nights of the run for FREE download as well. Every track from STS9’s December 31st performance can be downloaded individually for FREE via Soundcloud by clicking the Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 12.46.38 PM icon.

2013.12.31 – Atlanta, GA

SET I: Intro, MOD, Beyond Right Now, When The Dust Settles, What Is Love?, Music Us, Grow, Rent, Dance, Luma Daylight

SET II: Monkey Music, STS9, Kamuy, Aimlessly, Abcees, March, Breathe In E: Four Year Puma, Circus

Tabby NYE Run Highlights

Free Download “Circus” • STS9 NYE 12.31.2013

Free Download “Monkey Music” • STS9 NYE 12.31.2013

Free Download “Shakedown Street” • STS9 NYE 12.28.2013

Free Download “Wika Chikana” • STS9 NYE 12.27.2013

Free Download “Inspire Strikes Back” • STS9 NYE 12.30.2013

Widespread Panic

Panic en la Playa Cuatro
Official Aftermovie


Cloud 9 Adventures has released the official Panic en la Playa Cuatro after movie. The  video recap includes footage from Widespread Panic’s 4 night extravaganza at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic last month. The backing music is a fire rendition of “Love Tractor” from the first night of la Playa (1.24.2015). Enjoy !

Video credit: Sewell Film Productions

Pretty Lights

The HOT Sh*t, Episode 165 – Feb.04.2015


The HOT Sh*t airs at 8PM EST/6PM MST every Wednesday with rebroadcasts on Saturdays at 12PM EST/10AM MST on SiriusXM’s Electric Area.

Stream this playlist on Spotify:

1. Don’t Be Judging (VIP) – TroyBoi –
2. The Time Has Come – Pretty Lights – Pretty Lights Music
3. Fill Your Eyes – Pretty Lights – Pretty Lights Music
4. Looking For Love (But Not So Sure) – Pretty Lights – Pretty Lights Music
5. Wisdom of Antiquity – Break Science – Pretty Lights Music
6. Let The World Hurry By – Pretty Lights – Pretty Lights Music
7. Lost In Bass – SuperVision – Pretty Lights Music
8. The Ride – Michal Menert – Pretty Lights Music
9. One Day They’ll Know – Pretty Lights – 8 Minutes 20 Seconds
10. Mountain – Eliot Lipp – Pretty Lights Music
11. Who Am I – SuperVision – Pretty Lights Music
12. Electric Touch – Michal Menert & Break Science – Pretty Lights Music
13. Color Of My Soul (Paul Basic Remix)- Pretty Lights – 8 Minutes 20 Seconds


Phish • Happy Birthday Carini

Why We Love Carini

 Contributed by: James Purse

It was 18 years ago in Amsterdam on 2/17/97 that Phish first summoned the gods of dark rock with the hastily, and hilariously, put together song about a girl named Lucy and her lumpy head. While no one has ever confirmed the true story behind the song, somewhere a narrative emerged about drum tech Pete Carini’s altercation with a trust-funded female fan and her refusal to move during a European show.

Against all odds, the song quickly became a fan favorite and has launched some of Phish’s most extensive exploratory jams – most notably since the band got back together in 2009. Notable versions include the 21+ minute debut on 2/17/972/26/9712/30/9711/27/9812/28/987/13/99,2/14/03,  12/29/13

Video Credits: 12/30/97 , 12/28/1998


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