Live at Higher Ground
Dec.16, 2014 • Burlington, VT

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Big Gigantic

Flashback Friday
Big G + The Notorious B.I.G.


When this track came out in July 2011 everyone knew it was nothing short of exceptional. Let’s face it we have all heard our favorite Notorious B.I.G. songs get butchered in the midst of a lackluster attempt at a remix. However, Big Gigantic isn’t your average artist and they took this song and really reworked it in a manner that did the original track justice, but also gave it a new perspective for listeners familiar with the original track.

Turn it up, it is Friday and this is the way it should be.

Free Download


These Chill-Hop & Soulful Beats

Will Have You Reaching for the Repeat Button


Some beats need lyrical finesse to accompany them to bring them to life. Such is not the case with Derlee as shown on his track “You Know.” Those of you who enjoy “break beats” will dig this classic touch to his fresh ideas. Sampled fresh with piano hooks, backing vocal samples, and a hint of horns this one is perfect for an afternoon drive or for kickin’ it before a big night out.

For those of you who enjoy Gramatik, Pretty Lights, RJD2, Ratatat, or early 90s hip-hop beats this is right up your alley.

Enjoy the track and several others below for streaming.

Free Download via Bandcamp

Gasparilla Music Festival 2015

Announces Phase 1 of Lineup

March 7 & 8 • Tampa, FL


The Gasparilla Music Festival presented by SYKES (“GMF”), which kicks off the highly anticipated spring break and outdoor music festival season, has revealed its first round of musical performers.  With more artists to be announced shortly, the growing line-up includes Gogol Bordello, Gaslight Anthem, Trampled by Turtles, The Budos Band, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Dumpstaphunk, Hiss Golden Messenger, Roadkill Ghost Choir, Hot 8 Brass Band, Margo & the Pricetags, and Packway Handle Band. Local favorites include The Hip Abduction, Miggs Band, Selwyn Birchwood, Thomas Wynn & the Believers, RedFeather, and Mt. Zion Baptist Gospel Choir.  Now in its fourth year, the festival promises its most eclectic and impressive musical line-up to date and will be announcing other top acts and local favorites in the upcoming weeks.

Tickets are available now Here.

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Concert Review
Live in Burlington, VT
Dec.13, 2014 • Higher Ground


By Ted Kammerer

So here I was on this bleak, blustery Saturday night, the night of Soulive, coming down with a cold and feeling like I had crosshairs on my head after almost getting into four car accidents throughout the day (None of which were my fault, by the way– but I guess they never are).

Where I come from, the day leading up to a Soulive show is always a day of celebration. Usually, that day commences with a few choice beverages. Like the band itself, you need to keep it classy in this department. Irish coffees and hot whiskeys are preferable, but ain’t nobody gonna say a word against a mimosa. Segue into some IPA’s and whiskey sours, and you’re cookin’ come nightfall.

This Soulive day was different though: the several near death experiences, a general feeling of fatigue, and a burst pipe kept all of the friends away from the show. Except my good brotha Nick and I. The first (and second) rule of live music is: when Soulive is in town, you go. Even if only for a set. We abided.

Standing in line for the show, I was excited, giddy even, when the door to Higher Ground’s Ballroom swung open for one brief second to reveal Eric Krasno and Neal and Alan Evans jamming the stage. I NEVER FEEL GIDDY. I walked into the Ballroom and realized instantly I was in this show for the long haul. Something about these guys invoke an aura of a past era of music, a time when musicians punched out nightclub owners over shorted-wages and drinks while women smoked cigarettes in Cruella DeVille-esq filters and watched. And they make you get down. It’s jazzy, it’s funky, it’s soulful, it’s rock and roll. Krasno’s ferocious jazzman chops led over the rhythm of Alan Evan’s hi-hat-snare-spark-pitter-patter while his brother Neal holds down Ray Manzarek duties hammering the Hammond B3 while funking out bass-riffs on the keys at the same time. It creates this spectacle of pure musicianship and soul-on-display that’s hard to find in the jam scene today.

Soulive played through a lot of their staples like Turn It Out and One in Seven and even dusted off some fan favorites like the 20-minute mystical journey of Nubian Lady. They also did a fine job in paying homage to the greats by breathing new life and shredding the shit out of classic songs like Lenny, Third Stone From the Sun, and Eleanor Rigby. With this set, Krasno demonstrated why is one of the most underrated guitarists on the jam circuit today: showcasing his aggressive frontman, Hendrix-y licks while seamlessly stirring the jam cauldron into a swirl of relaxed grooves and reverberated textures reminiscent of John Scofield. He made a believer out of my boy Mitch that night, and let me tell you, Mitch doesn’t believe in just anyone. Soulive, ladies and gentlemen.

See-i • New Music Video

LiveMusicDaily Exclusive Premiere

See-i Releases New Music Video

“Queen of Sheba” feat.Edy Blu

The Queen of Sheba was rumored to be one of the most beautiful and powerful women in ancient history when King Solomon married the Abyssinian ruler. Whether this legend is true or not does not matter anymore, as See-I has produced an amazing music video, which captures the essence of this mythic beauty. The track “Queen of Sheba”, released on Fort Knox Recordings, is from See-I’s 2014 album, Knowledge Shine Bright and features local chanteuse Edy Blu on vocals alongside with See-I’s front men Rootz and Zeebo Steele.

Directed by Bryan Eckerson, the music video was shot and produced on various locations throughout the Washington, DC area. Included in the video are scenes of See-I at the Eighteenth Street Lounge, where the band has performed each and every Wednesday night since early 2006. In fact, it was in the now defunct recording studio at the Eighteenth Street Lounge where Eric Hilton and Rob Garza first enlisted Rootz and Zeebo as vocalists when they created the world famous downtempo super group Thievery Corporation.

Edy Blu is no stranger to the See-I massive, having performed with the band as one of the opening singers for several years now, and also recorded the hit track “Queen of Sheba” earlier this year. Edy Blu brings natural style and grace to her vocals on the track and to this luscious music video, which blends nature, reggae and beauty together in an ethereal vibe. See-I has always been a family affair, and Zeebo’s son Salem Steele was the main production force behind this solid track. See-I guitarist Rob Myers (who also plays with Fort Knox Five and Thievery Corporation) design the title and credit graphics for the video. Always important to the See-I massive is the importance of fun and uplifting music, which elevates the listener to a higher level, and this track has an added level of cultural references, as Zeebo says, “It’s the Queen of Sheba from the storybooks…”

LiveMusicDaily + Live & Listen

Christmas Jam • Dec. 26, 2014

feat. Rollin’ In the Hay & Federal Expression


We are pleased to announce that LiveMusicDaily will once again team up with our friends over at Live & Listen for the first Annual Christmas Jam featuring Rollin’ in the Hay, Federal Expression, and DJ Jeffery James.

DJ Jeffrey James will kick off the night spinning and scratching the turn tables at 7:30pm. Shortly thereafter, jam-grass veterans, Rollin’ in the Hay will take the stage. They’ve performed on the bill with some of the biggest names in music; Greg Allman, Moe, Charlie Daniels, The Doobie Brothers, Jerry Douglas, Alabama, to Widespread Panic. To close out the night Federal Expression will hit the stage for a 2 hour set from 10:00pm-12:00am.

A percentage of all ticket and merchandise sales will be donated to Run Bell Run, a campaign aimed at raising awareness and funds for Cystic Fibrosis. Check out Run Bell Run for more information on this great cause !

Live & Listen hosted their first ever Funksgiving concert featuring Earphunk and the McLovins, which also marked the grand opening of The Warehouse (at Alley Station) in downtown Montgomery, AL. With over 300 in attendance the event was wildy successful, check out our full review & photos here.

Stay tuned for a special treat heading to the site soon from DJ Jeffrey James.

Purchase Tickets

Set times

DJ Jeffrey James 7:30-8PM CST

Rollin’ In The Hay: 8PM – 9:30PM CST

DJ Jeffrey James: 9:30PM – 10PM CST

Federal Expression: 10PM – 12AM CST

Rollin’ In the Hay


About: If you want to get an understanding of Rollin’ in the Hay just think high-octane groove grass with a touch of down home foot stompin’ or just simply –Renegade Bluegrass. Long considered to be one of the forerunners of the “Newgrass” revolution in America, these savvy veterans have been thrilling fans coast to coast for years!

Opening for everyone from Greg Allman, Moe, Charlie Daniels, The Doobie Brothers, Jerry Douglas, Alabama,(this list could get LONG) to Widespread Panic,the unique sound of the Hay keeps fans coming back for more. Rollin’ in the Hay has six self-released Cds but also has done 15 nationally released instrumental tributes called the”Pickin’ On” series.

Federal Expression


About Federal Expression: 

Federal Expression was born in Bernie’s (now infamous) Laboratory way back when in the summer/fall of 2012. The whole thing came together by chance.. call it fate, coincidence, or some sort of sick cosmic accident.

Brandon Miller (guitar/vocals), Patrick Skelton (acoustic guitar/vocals)  and Will Gordon (harmonica/percussion/vocals) were jamming on some tunes one night and it sounded pretty darn good. They decided to get together again few weeks later and asked Buddy Barnes (guitar/vocals) to join in.this group became the original Federal Four.

When the fellas played that first time it felt good and sounded better. The chemistry was just right for further exploration so they set out to forge their identity and find a rhythm section.

Those first couple jam sessions revealed that each of the Federal Four  had unique original contributions to make. From the start the band wanted to play original music and they also knew that opening doors would start with learning cover tunes. So the fellas set out to do both… but now it was time to fill out the band.. you know bass, drums, and piano/organs!

The guys decided to go way out of their league and asked some of the best musicians around to come over and ‘jam’ one night… just for fun-sies… you know.. good times, babes, and brews. This was all under the pretense of getting these guys to recommend other, less experienced players who could join the band in the future.

What these unsuspecting professionals didn’t know was that it was a carefully laid trap to snare them into joining the band. And thankfully, the plan worked!

Next thing you know, Freddie Smith (bass), Martin Barnes (piano/organs), and Will Hudson (drums) were on board and now folks, there was a band!

From there it was simple. Learn enough material to gig, get gigs, get more gigs, and name the band!

So every band needs a name, and Federal Expression came about when Buddy was late dropping off a package at a local…ahem..overnight shipping location type place. The lady behind the counter was not too happy with the fact that he was cutting it so close. She gave him an extremely sassy look, shook her head and shoulders, then wagged her finger and “I see you’re Right on Time!”

Later that night, the fellas were jamming at the basement when Buddy attempted to explain the look this woman gave him. All he could say to describe it was that she was giving him some sort of Federal Expression. The guys immediately lovedthe name decided to run with it.

Federal Expression was deemed the un-officially official band name.

In the next few months the band got ready for its first gigs and when it came time to play, everyone had a blast… the band and the audience loved it. That’s not to say there weren’t some hiccups and slight imperfections, but overall Federal Expression got off on the good foot ($1 to James Brown).

2013 proved to be a year of learning to play live and really exploring the face melting space primarily with Patrick’s Theramin and Jews Harp and Will Gordons Vibra-slap.

Federal Expression played some great venues in 2013 ranging from 1048, to the Alley Bar, to the Montgomery Ampitheatre, to the FloraBama for several highly energetic, fun shows.



Big Something

Live in Charleston, SC
Dec.12, 2014 • The Pourhouse

Big Fish Eat the Little Ones

Big Something 09

Live Music Daily: Exclusive Stream

Big Something’s New Album, Truth Serum

Available for download now on iTunes.


Catskill Chill • New Dates


Catskill Chill Dates Announcement Graphic 2015


Catskill Chill Music Festival has announced dates for the sixth annual event, which will take place September 18-20, 2015, one week later than is tradition for the three-day music celebration. The organizers have also announced that 2015 is the final year that Catskill Chill will take place at the much-lovedCamp Minglewood in Hancock, New York.

“It is with heavy hearts that we have to announce that 2015 will mark the final year of the Catskill Chill’s glorious run at Camp Minglewood,” said festival founder Dave Marzollo. “We would keep our event at it’s original home forever if we could, but we have been informed that, for reasons beyond our control, we will no longer be able to host our family at the place we’ve come to love. The bright side is that we have one final chance to enjoy those rolling slopes of our intimate campus for one last mighty celebration – The Sixth Annual Catskill Chill Music Festival:  A Farewell to Minglewood!  Whether you have been to every Chill, or you have always wanted to go but never made it, this will be an epic Chill chapter that you will not want to miss.
Yes, the Chill will continue after this year, and we already have a few amazing prospective new facilities to choose from, but for now let’s focus on a weekend we’ll remember forever.  It will be an incredible going away party – one last chance to put our arms around each other and sing our favorite lyrics in that musical sanctuary that’s become such a special part of our lives.”

Catskill Chill features free parking, free camping, on-site cabin rentals, daily yoga, live art, a farmer’s market, craft and food vendors, a communal bonfire nightly and an open mic. Nestled in the Catskill Mountains, where the beauty of nature synchronizes with the euphoric sounds of live music, this intimate lakeside celebration is one of the most anticipated events in the New York area and is annually expected to sell out.

Fans, aka “Chillfam”, have returned to Castkill Chill year after year for this intimate experience that delivers big name acts up close and personal and 2015 will be no different. A limited number of Blind Faith tickets will go on sale starting on Thursday, December 18, 2014 at 1pm EST for $140.

For more information visit:

Dopapod • 2015 Dates

 Announces First Leg of Winter Tour Leading to AURA

Select Dates with Moon Hooch & Mike Dillon Band


Northeast based, always-touring Dopapod today announces the first performances of 2015 happening up and down the Eastern U.S. in late February through early March, ending with a two night stand at Florida’s AURA Music Festival. Supporting artists joining Dopapod on the variety of dates on the tour include Moon Hooch & Mike Dillon Band.

The band recently completed a solid run of shows in celebration of their recent November CD release of Never Odd or Even which has received critical acclaim for its vast blend of styles and forward-pushing dynamics.

The band reconvenes their tour for a year-ending run this Friday, December 20accompanying Papadosio for their Earth Night proceedings in Columbus, Ohio before a six-night NYE run ranging from Pittsburgh to Miami for Phish after parties. Dopapod’s New Year’s Eve celebration is being held at The Palladium in Worcester, MA with guests Twiddle, Soule Monde (featuring Russ Lawton & Ray Paczkowski of Trey Anastasio Band), Viral Sound and more.

Complete Dopapod tour dates and info is available at
Dopapod Initial 2015 Tour Dates:

2/25 State College, PA: Levels*

2/26 Buffalo, NY: Tralf Music Hall*

2/27 Covington, KY: Madison Theater*

2/28 Nashville, TN: Mercy Lounge

3/01 Knoxville, TN: The Concourse

3/03 Greensboro, NC: The Blind Tiger^

3/04 Greenville, SC: Gottrocks^

3/05 Live Oak, FL: AURA Music Festival

3/06 Live Oak, FL: AURA Music Festival

* w/ Moon Hooch

^ w/ Mike Dillon Band


Papadosio • Earth Night

Live at the Fillmore with Rising Appalachia

 Denver, CO • Dec.13, 2014

I Eat Sheep Photography

Peebs The Prophet & Phoniks

Peebs The Prophet

“These Days” (Phoniks Remix)

 Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 8.41.42 PM

 Tonight we bring you a remix cooked up by none other than Phoniks featuring MC Peebs the Prophet from Portland, ME. The track gives off a laid back summertime vibe “about reminiscing on simpler times and finding oneself”.

The present day hip-hop industry, like much pop music, fosters to artists who can create hits that fit the mold. The current industry formula stifles artistic creativity, self exploration, and discourages artists from creating something that is groundbreaking and new.

The great Hunter S. Thompson once wrote:

“The music business is a cruel and shallow money 
trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and 
pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. 
There’s also a negative side.”

Fortunately, Phoniks is revitalizing creativity in hip-hop with a group of MCs including Awon, Dephlow, Preist, and Peebs the Prophet. Together they are placing their unique twist on the sounds reminiscent of the mid 1980s to 1990s known as the Golden Age of Hip-Hop. Press play and let this remix smoothly settle you into your week.


Ras MG

Sublime’s Former Drummer

Joins Forces with Slightly Stoopid on “Words”


Perhaps best known for his stint as the drummer for Sublime, Marshall Goodman continues to be active on the music scene as both a producer and a musician.

Today we bring you a track from this past summer with a laid back acoustic driven vocal serenade from Ras MG featuring Slightly Stoopid. The track is available for Free Streaming below and can be purchased on iTunes as well. If you enjoy G.Love, Slightly Stoopid, or Long Beach Dub Allstars this will be right up your alley.


Announces 3 Night Runs for 2015

in Aspen, Chicago, & Athens


STS9 has announced three different 2015 runs today on their site and social media.The first announcement was a three night run at the Georgia Theatre, followed by a 3 night run at the House of Blues in Chicago. The most recent addition has been 3 nights  at the Belly Up in Aspen.

See details for each event and ticketing below.

Athens, GA • March 19-21 @ the Georgia Theatre

They’ll be bringing it back to where it all started, the one and only Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA for 3 NIGHTS, March 19th, 20th and 21st, 2015.  Three day pass only fan club tickets go on sale this Thursday Dec. 18th at Noon EST exclusively at Any remaining tickets, including single day tickets, will be available to the public Friday Dec. 19th at Noon EST at

Chicago, IL • March 5-7 @ House of Blues

You all asked for it!  Let’s head to Chicago for 3 NIGHTS at the House of Blues March 5th-7th! Fan club three day passes go on sale this Thursday Dec. 18th at Noon CST exclusively at Any remaining tickets, including single day tickets, will be available on Friday Dec. 19th at Noon CST at

Aspen, Co • February 13-15 @ Belly Up Aspen

Big snows so far in the western Colorado mountains, and we’re excited to get back to Aspen for 3 NIGHTS over President’s Day weekend at the Belly Up February 13, 14 and 15.  Three day only fan club tickets go on sale this Thursday Dec. 18th at Noon MST exclusively Remaining tickets, including single day tickets, will be available to the public on Friday Dec. 19th at Noon MST at


Saguaro Mix 2014


We have been fan of Goldroom for quite some time. This new mix is a soothing way to start the week and is available for Free Download. It appears that he reached the musicians equivalent of a writers block with his recent album, but found recent inspiration in nature that is helping him push through to complete his next album.

“Perhaps its the colder weather, the lack of sun, or the unknown of tomorrow, but these past few months have left me in a bit of a creative rut. My album is so close to completion that finding ways to push forward into new territories musically has been challenging in a way I haven’t experienced before. The weight of finishing “the album” has been weighing heavily on me, but I can say that I’m finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. As it usually does, the hope was sparked by a trip to the desert a couple of weeks ago. The nights are bitterly cold there this time of year, but every day, the sun returns to thaw the world back to life. Walking around Joshua Tree that day, soundtracked by these songs, the sun beating back the cold, it became so clear that there is hope and that music really can cure all. I’m happy to share that soundtrack with all of you today in this mix. Hopefully it can give you some hope too.

A huge thank you to all of the artists’ music that I used. Everyone should check the tracklist below and be sure to take a minute to listen to their music.” -Goldroom




“Queen of Sheeba” Music Video
To Be Released Next Week

Updated SEE-I Poster
Last month See-I took their Reggae-Soul Movement to the Bear Creek Music Festival and Aisle 5 in Atlanta and the reception was strong! Later this month the See-I Massive will play two shows with Thievery Corporation at Webster Hall in NYC and then two shows at the Lincoln Theater in DC. In between all of this touring, See-I has managed to film a new music video for their song “Queen of Sheba”, featuring Edy Blu. “Queen of Sheba” was released on See-I’s new 2014 album “Knowledge Shine Bright.”

This weekend the group heads to Baltimore.The 8×10 has established itself as Baltimore’s headiest venue, with full rich sound, positive vibes and great bookings – so its the perfect place for this show. Baltimore’s own The Evokatones will support, bringing their upbeat ska-rocksteady reggae vibes to Federal Hill. This will be the first show that See-I and The Evokatones play together, and the combination is perfect. This is an all ages show you don’t want to miss, doors at 8pm and concert starts at 9pm. So don’t be late!!


Facebook Event RSVP

Qos Title Graphic 1000

Stay tuned next week for See-I’s new “Queen of Sheba” Music Video featuring Edy Blu.

Turkuaz – Concert Review

Live in Burlington, VT
December 6, 2014 • Higher Ground


By Mitchell Parrish

“Dude! They sound like the prodigy love-child of George Clinton and David Byrne!” Unfortunately, that was not my quote. But my buddy Ted was spot on. When I walked into Higher Ground on Saturday night, I was ready for some funk. But I wasn’t ready for a nearly two-hour set of non-stop grooves by a band that is seriously taking funk to the next level. Look, I’ve seen countless jam-funk acts, from Lettuce to Soulive to Galactic, and their shows are always great. But there’s something about this new group Turkuaz that had me roaring with energy all night. I read on their biography that they are “part freight train, part tyrannosaurus rex” and they aren’t kidding around. First of all, they never stopped playing. There was one pause after the fourth or fifth song that lasted all of about 15 seconds. But the entire night was pedal to the metal, don’t stop, won’t stop, can’t stop funk. Each song seamlessly transitioned into the next, the sign of a very tight, very talented group.

I was also impressed with the musical variety of the group. The front man Dave Brandwein holds down the lead vocals and plays a powerful rhythm guitar. Next to him stand two beautiful female vocalists, Sammi Garett and Shira Elias who dance in sync and accompany the front man throughout the show. The rhythm section is about as tight as any group I’ve heard– the bassist really seems to be the unsung hero of this power funk group, leading most of the members through the key changes and stops. The horn section consists of a trumpet, a baritone sax and a tenor sax. The trumpet player also switches to keyboards for certain songs, which expands the sonic reach of the groups’ grooves. The keys also sync up beautifully with the driving bass sound, much like something out of the Talking Heads’ playbook.

After the show, I talked with a few friends of mine who had seen Turkuaz before. Turns out, these guys have been playing Burlington for years (which makes sense as Burlington is a funk-loving town). While living in Brooklyn, these guys played numerous shows at Nectar’s where they learned to hone their distinctive funk sound playing with other up-and-coming funk acts. Over the past year, these guys have exploded on the jam-funk scene and when they returned to Burlington this past Saturday, the town greeted them with a sold out show. Turkuaz is a tour de force. Go see them as soon as you can !

Upcoming Dates

  • DEC 12
    Port City Music Hall
    Pigeons Playing Ping Pong
  • DEC 13
    The Ballroom at The Outer Space
    Pigeons Playing Ping Pong
  • DEC 18
    Rex Theatre
    Jonathan Scales Fourchestra
  • DEC 19
    The Abbey Bar at Appalachian Brewing Company
    Jonathan Scales Fourchestra
  • DEC 20
    Gypsy Sally’s
    Jonathan Scales Fourchestra
  • DEC 31
    Rock N Roll Resort & Turkuaz Present: The Ball Drop!
    Consider the Source
    Spiritual Rez
    The Primate fiasco
    Danny Pease & The Regulators
    Mister F

SweetWater • Lineup

SweetWater Brewery 420 Fest
Announces Initial Lineup

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 1.33.08 PM

Buckle up, cuz here are your 2015 SweetWater 420 Festival headliners! Welcome to the party, Snoop Dogg311Thievery CorporationPrimusCage The ElephantSlightly StoopidMoe.Gov’t Mule and Beats Antique! Discounted tickets are going quick, so get yours today!

Aqueous • Winter Tour

Buffalo’s Aqueous

Announces Winter Tour 2014-2015

Several Notable Co-Bill Dates


Aqueous is one of the Northeast’s top progressive jambands. If you aren’t familiar with them I encourage you to watch the video below as soon as possible. This band brings a heavy onslaught of progressive groove rock that is sure to tear the roof of a venue near you.

Aqueous is elated to announce winter tour 2014-2015. The band will finish up December with some dates in the northeast before culminating in a hometown New Years Eve show at Buffalo’s Iron Works. January features a mid west run through Ohio and Kentucky before a southern dip in February.

The tour also features some heavy hitters with Aqueous joining forces with Pink Talking Fish Feb 6 in Philly and the legendary Max Creek Feb 7 in Saratoga Springs NY. More information on all shows may be found at

Aqueous Winter Tour

Dec 18 – The Hollow // Albany, NY

Dec 19 – The Wheelhouse // Narragansett, NH#

Dec 20 – Strange Brew Pub // Norwich, CT#

Dec 31 – Iron Works // Buffalo, NY*

Jan 22 – Cosmic Charlies // Lexington, KY

Jan 23 – Cosmo’s // Covington, KY

Jan 24 – Scarlet & Grey Cafe // Columbus, OH

Jan 29 – The 8×10 // Baltimore, MD

Jan 30 – Martins // Roanoke, VA

Jan 31 – The Broadberry // Richmond, VA&

Feb 3 – New Mountain Theatre // Asheville, NC

Feb 4 – Blind Tiger // Greensboro, NC

Feb 5 – Hot Spot // Waynesboro, VA

Feb 6 – Ardmore Music Hall // Philadelphia, PA+

Feb 7 –  Putnam Den – Saratoga Springs, NY%

Feb 11 – Casa Nueva // Athens, OH

Feb 12 – Grog Shop // Cleveland, OH

Feb 13 – Jimmies Ladder 11 // Dayton, OH

Feb 14 – Shawbucks // Jamestown, NY

Feb 19 – TBD

Feb 21 – 123 Pleasant Street // Morgantown, WV^

Feb 25 – TBD

Feb 26 – Spot Underground // Providence, RI^

Feb 27 – The Stone Church // Newmarket, NH^

Feb 28 – Oneonta Theatre // Oneonta, NY

Mar 6 – Tonic Room // Chicago, IL

%w/ Max Creek  ^w/ Pigeons Playing Ping Pong +w/ Pink Talking Fish  #w/ Mister F &w/ People’s Blues of Richmond *w/ Funktional Flow

Widespread Panic Spring Tour

Leg 1 of Spring Tour

POTMSeptember 14, 201420140914-POTM Panic JB 1

We love Home Team. Glad to know the boys will be kicking off Leg 1 of the Spring 2015 Tour in style. Be sure to enjoy the 10.25.2014 “Piegons” video below from the Milwaukee run !

The band is pleased to announce the first leg of Spring Tour 2015! Kicking off in Boise, the band will travel west with stops in Spokane, Seattle, Portland, three nights in Oakland, two in Los Angeles and wrapping up with two shows at the Joint in Las Vegas.

As an extra holiday treat, you will be able to catch the band two nights at the Wanee Music Festival in Live Oak, Florida, April 17th and 18th!

Tickets to Wanee go on sale starting this Friday 12/12, Las Vegas 12/19 and the rest of the Spring dates on sale 1/30. Show details and full ticket info over in Tour.

Leftover Salmon

Cover Bob Marley’s “Soul Shakedown Party”
Live with Guests
Strings and Sol 2013

Leftover Salmon along with Ronnie McCoury, Jason Carter and Keller Williams perform “Soul Shakedown Party” at Strings & Sol in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. December 11-15, 2013. Don’t sleep out the Keller trumpet solo either !

Wannee Festival 2015

Announces Initial Lineup
Featuring 2 Nights of Widespread Panic

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.57.49 AM

With Warren and Derek’s departure from the Allman Brothers Band people were wondering who would take the headlining slot. It appears Widespread Panic will be filling that slot this year with two headlining nights at the festival. It is glad to know they are keeping it in the music family for this fest despite no Allman Brothers appearance. Of course, Gregg will be in the house with his band and Warren as well with Gov’t Mule.

Some unique additions include Earth, Wind, & Fire and Cheap Trick.

The Word featuring:  Robert Randolph, John Medeski, Luther Dickinson, Cody Dickinson,and Chris Chew is sure to be a highlight of the festival as well as the Nth Power’s Steely Dan set !

Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10:00am. The event will take place April 16-18th at the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, FL.

Umphrey’s McGee

Umphrey’s McGee
Parody of Almost Famous

Here UM parodies one of the most well known scenes from Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous. They even bring in Phish, Bisco, and Panic into the fold of the joke. This is definitely a must watch for anyone who has seen the movie or enjoys Umphrey’s.

For those who did not already know the film is loosely based off Cameron Crowe’s time on the road with the Allman Brothers Band, Led Zeppelin, and many other bands hailing from one of the greatest eras of music.

If you haven’t seen Almost Famous yet then you’ve been living under a rock and need to do so immediately.


A Fine Way To Die Ft. Orlando Napier


More future-funk goodness from GRiZ.  Here is an early Grizmas present to funk you through all the cold weather. Blending dance heavy grooves alongside funky envelope filters and phasers with a touch of sax and soulful vocals, this is one you should not miss out on.

“FINALLY!!! I am so so so so so stoked to release new music! It has been such a busy year and I am very proud to finally give you guys a listen and free download to my first single “A Fine Way to Die” featuring my good compadre Orlando Napier! Between recording horn lines, drums, writing guitar lines, and recording the most killin vocals, this song took a full year to make. I really hope you guys enjoy this monster of a tune!!! Get the funk down!” -GRiZ

Twiddle • Winter 2015



Twiddle has announced their 2015 Winter Tour, affectionately dubbed “¿Donde Esta Norb?” with nine dates in the mid-west and 10 dates in Colorado.

With sage songwriting and unmatched variety, Twiddle packed prominent theaters up and down the East Coast on their Fall tour, and performed in front of huge audiences at festivals such as Gathering of the Vibes, Summer Camp, Wakarusa, Hudson Project and Catskill Chill, this past summer.

Twiddle will finish off the year with: Kung Fu’s Toys for Tots December 20 in New Haven, Ct; a two night stand in their hometown of Burlington, VT (December 27 & 28); opening for moe. in Albany, NY December 30; and a New Year’s Eve Celebration with Dopapod on December 31 in Worchester, MA. In January the band will head back into the studio to record their fourth album.

“¿Donde Esta Norb?” Tour Dates

2.18 Madison Theater – Covington, KY

2.19 Lafayette Theater – Lafayette, IN

2.20 Miramar Theatre – Milwaukee, WI

2.21 Waiting Room – Omaha, NE

2.23 Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co. – Billings, MT

2.25 Filling Station – Bozeman, MT

2.26 The Top Hat – Missoula, MT

2.27 Reef – Boise, ID

2.28 Canyons Resort – Park City, UT

3.3 Belly Up – Aspen, CO

3.5 Balcony Bar & Grill – Durango, CO

3.6 Fly Me to The Moon Saloon – Telluride, CO

3.7 Fly Me to The Moon Saloon – Telluride, CO

3.9 Schmiggity’s – Steamboat Springs, CO

3.10 The Eldo – Crested Butte, CO

3.11 Agave – Avon, CO

3.12 Barkley Ballroom – Frisco, CO

3.13 Ogden Theatre – Denver, CO

3.14 Aggie Theatre – Fort Collins, CO

Official Site


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Dopapod + Tauk

Live in Charleston,SC

The Pourhouse • Dec. 4, 2014

Big Fish Eat The Little Ones Photography



Santana + Panic

A Look Back
Santana with Widespread Panic

As we begin the week we want take a look back at this old gem. Here Santana joins Widespread Panic for a cover of George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic’s “Maggot Brain”. This song is a free-for-all for lead guitariss with a slow beginning that ascends to a full blown spacey rock shred masterpiece.  In this particular version Michael Houser and Carlos Santana exchange ideas in a soulful cover of one of the most powerful all instrumental funk rock songs of all time.


Releases “Matte Black Soul”

First release on Phonik and Awon’s independent label

Don’t Sleep Records


“Matte Black Soul” is the fourth full length project from Newport News emcee Awon. The Virginia rhyme sayer is coming off a successful multi-year run that saw him release two critically acclaimed albums alongside producer Phoniks; 2013’s nostalgic ode to street life “Return to the Golden Era” and 2014’s “Dephacation” with Virginia emcee Dephlow. With his newest offering, Awon comes from a more personal perspective, this time tackling increasingly complex songwriting concepts over a selection of heavily soul-influenced productions. The album features offerings from a team of producers including the aforementioned Phoniks, who contributes six tracks, alongside HDK, Ak, Rashard, and Awon himself. Songs such as “Escaping Youth”, which uses hair loss as a metaphor for aging and “Ying vs Yang”, that explores the mind of a stick-up man trading rhymes back and forth with his subconscious, show the maturity of the 34-year-old songwriter. With 13-tracks of smooth soul beats and lyrics covering a wide variety of topics, Awon has created a unique, cohesive project that expands the boundaries of his current catalog as well as hip hop music today.

“For me ‘Matte Black Soul’ was initially taking it back to the essence of an emcee rhyming over just loops and breaks. As we sourced samples and made beat changes it evolved into something more personal. I can listen to this record and see a reflection of myself through sound. From the obvious to the obscure, Matte Black Soul reflects what I like to hear, or what I would listen to in my spare time. I’m a soulful dude and I’m at the age where myself and all of my friends are digging in the crates, sipping Henny, sparking that Piff talking about the good ole days. I wanted to make a record that sounded like a shot house at 4 am. Some good food, hard liquor, and soul music.” – Awon

Heart Byrne

Live in Austin
The Parish • Dec.5,2014
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HB Parish-3295

Railroad Earth

Andrew Altman Discusses
Contributions to Warren Haynes New Project


Andrew Altman from Railroad Earth recently posted on social media an update of  the ongoing collaboration in the studio with Warren Haynes.

via Andrew Altman

“After 8 days and almost 20 songs, it looks like many of the RRE contributions to the Warren Haynes project are complete. This has been such a fun and challenging experience and there are so many things to learn in the studio no matter how many times you find yourself there. It is always great to be in a setting where you can stop for a minute and think, “I need to try something new here.” Those moments come in the live show, sure, but there is always the ever-present need to keep from blowing it in front of a lot of people. After it was all said and done I ended up using my upright bass in three different tunings with two different bows and one distortion pedal…and all of my electric basses.

The fact that I went in expecting to play mostly upright bass but ended up playing everything but the kitchen sink is a testament to the breadth of Warren’s influences. It may not be outwardly apparent to everyone because as a musician you always end up sounding like yourself but inside you have a range of visions to which you aspire that have been culled from a lifetime of listening to records and playing with your peers, mentors, and heroes. Warren is one of the rare breed that was able to turn the latter into the former. There is no magic formula for climbing that mountain but I can tell you an open mind and love of the craft goes a long way and sharing studio time with this guy is a window into just how far.

We stayed pretty focused on the task at hand in the early going but by my last day the vibe was loose and stories were being exchanged left and right. Some you expect, some blow your mind, but most of them were absolutely hilarious. Those are my favorite moments in music. A lot of songs were put down and time will tell how many are released and when, I’m but I’m so thankful to have been a part of it alongside the RRE boys.”

Woo Park

LiveMusicDaily Exclusive

Woo Park – Smokes EP


By Randy Harris

Everything just seems to fit so flawlessly and effortlessly when I listen to Woo Park’s debut release. While I’m sure they are all capable of busting out mind-bending solos (they even get close to it at times in the album), they are wise enough and confident enough in their musical abilities to keep the integrity of the song as the top priority.

The six pieces that make up the band consist of Emily Nichols (vocals), Parker Grogan (bass), Christian Zwit (keyboards, synths), Luke Sangerman (drums), Steve “The Bongo Kid” Rutledge (percussion), and Brian Sanborn (guitar, pedals). The combination of the pieces spits out a contemporary take on jazz that will make the hairs on your arms stand on end, sprinkling just enough funk and hip hop to keep listeners continually groovin’. This particular record, Smokes EP, consists of 9 tracks, a couple of which are short, intro/interlude type jams. The album gives off an extremely chill vibe, with tantalizing bass lines, eyebrow lifting guitar lines, seductive keyboards, and vocals that tug at the heartstrings, all held down by a relentless rhythm section. With the EP’s first single, “Boom Bap,” at the helm, Smokes EP targets the dopamine in all of our brains and releases it into a wave of relaxed elation.

Woo Park celebrates their debut release tonight, December 5, at Martyrs’ in their home town of Chicago with special guest Yojimbo. For more on Woo Park head to their website ( or check them out on Facebook ( and Twitter (

Exclusive FREE DOWNLOAD of Boom Bap

‘The Ville’ Announces Initial Lineup

Memorial Day Festival, Held at Clay’s Park in NE Ohio 

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Performs Two Sets 


Continuing a tradition of Memorial Day weekend events since its original inception over 20 years ago, CLP proudly announces today the initial lineup for The Ville Music Festival. Held May 21-24, 2015 at Clay’s Park – approximately 45 minutes south of Cleveland, Ohio – the spacious, family-friendly venue located in North Lawrence, Ohio is complete with wooded and field camping, a grass covered dance area and a beautiful water park suitable for adults and children of all ages.

With more acts still to be announced, the initial lineup for The Ville Music Festival includes:

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead



Chris Robinson Brotherhood


Trigger Hippy (featuring Joan Osborne, Jackie Greene, Steve Gorman, Tom Bukovac and Nick Gorvrik)

ekoostik hookah

Rumpke Mountain Boys


Blue Moon Soup

Broccoli Samurai

Plus more to be announced
The Ville is a truly grassroots event featuring music throughout the weekend on two different stages, as well as offering a long-standing tradition of high end audio production, sound and lights for an extremely reasonable and affordable ticket price. A limited amount of Early-Bird tickets are available now at where a 3-day pass is $80, 4-day pass including Pre-Party Thursday with Papadosio is $100. Children 12 and under are free with parents holding festival tickets.

Earphunk • McLovins

Live & Listen’s Funksgiving
Earphunk • McLovins


By Jordan Kirkland

When bands begin planning a tour through the Southern states, a handful of cities are always expected to make the final cut. There are the major markets: Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, Charleston, New Orleans, Birmingham, and Memphis. Then you have your college towns, like Athens, GA, known for their rich history and numerous intimate venues. Growing up in Montgomery, I learned at an early age that I would likely be looking to Birmingham and Atlanta for bands I was hoping to see perform.

In recent years, a noticeable effort has been made to revitalize Montgomery’s reputation as a viable option. The city holds an abundance of amazing local talent and a number of new and/or renovated venues. This past weekend, Montgomery welcomed Earphunk and McLovins for Live & Listen’s “Funksgiving” benefit concert, setting a high standard for what looks to become a highly anticipated tradition.

Funksgiving was held at Montgomery’s newest venue, The Warehouse at Alley Station. Located in the heart of downtown, this beautiful room proved to be a perfect setting for a crowd of all ages to get down over the holiday weekend. McLovins, from Hartford, CT, sparked the evening in appropriate fashion, with the title track from their latest EP, “Funk No. Uno”. This funky instrumental tune had no need for vocals. A heavy bass line from Jason Ott was complimented perfectly by guitarist Justin Berger, while drummer Jake Huffman held a tight, steady rhythm from the opening note. Atticus Kelley, keys/organ, made his presence known with a lengthy solo, while the 3-piece horn section (Michael Bafundo, Kevin Supina, and John Mundy) added that brass element that any great funk band needs. “Purple Trees”, a vintage McLovins original, allowed Huffman to warm up the vocals, featuring just the band’s four core members.

Next came “Tokyo Tea”, a McLovins staple since their early years. The horns made their way back to stage left for “Wasp”, another highly entertaining tune from Funk No. Uno. The band’s tight knit friendship and chemistry was especially noticeable as each of them laughed and danced throughout “Wasp”. Huffman delivered yet again with “Catch The Ball”, showing an amazing amount of vocal range from behind the drum kit. Before long, a spontaneous decision led to “You Enjoy Myself”, a Phish original, which holds fairly significant history for the band. While YEM isn’t typically a song featuring any brass, the horns added a special element, leading into a lengthy tease of Bill Withers’ “Use Me Up”, before the song’s conclusion. With just a few minutes left in the set, the band welcomed their own Kara Kirkland to the stage, who took lead vocals on “Do It Like You Do”. If anyone in the building hadn’t been dancing and singing along, Kirkland and the boys changed that with a soulful closing number.

Earphunk, from New Orleans, LA, took the stage just 30 minutes later to rowdy and loose crowd; hungry for more funk. They wasted no time at all, opening their set with “Sweet Nasty”, the title track from their latest album. Picking up right where McLovins left off, the party was moving again and ready to yell “Sweet Nasty!” each time the chorus built up. Guitarists Mark Hempe and Paul Provosty began battling back and forth immediately, before leading into “Try Try Try”, a catchy original from their previous album, No Nine To Five. Drummer Michael Matthews picked up the rhythm while bassist Michael Comeaux delivered a heavy dose of funk slap bass guitar. Christian Galle carried with constant precision throughout on the Hammond B3 organ. A new original, “Thangis”, was next and certainly welcomed with open arms by what had become a very energetic atmosphere. One of Earphunk’s classic jams, “Stuck In A Funk”, opened the stage back up for a classic Hempe vs. Provosty guitar dual. The groove was contagious and the lengthy instrumental allowed for all five members to have their moment to shine.

As things began to settle down, Comeaux began the opening notes of The Allman Brothers “Whipping Post”, and no one saw it coming. The placement of this crowd favorite was perfect, coming off of a lengthy instrumental ballad and totally changing the pace. “Saura”, another track from Sweet Nasty, brought the band back into a heavy hitting instrumental. Another Earphunk favorite, “Drove”, really seemed to get the band and crowd excited. A tight rhythm and powerful bass line gave way for Galle to take us for another wild ride on the Hammond. The band was firing on all cylinders and the rowdy crowd was a direct reflection.

The band’s take on “Fly Like An Eagle” was very well received, as anyone would expect. Another well-known sing-along was perfectly placed and warmed up the band for a very special treat. Hempe soon turned his guitar to his back and stepped up to his synthesizer. The talk box tube was in place and the new dance tune “Phine” sent things to another level. This brought out an 80’s Zappa-esque sound from the band, and led directly into Daft Punk’s “Around The World”. The cover tune eventually led back into “Phine” before Hempe ever stepped away from the talk box and synthesizer. With just enough time for one last song, the band decided to end the night with a bang. The decision to close with “Killing In The Name Of”, one of Rage Against The Machine’s most infamous songs, was a strong indicator of the energy in the room. This sent many folks jumping up and down, screaming along with Hempe, and needing to catch their breath as the set came to an end.

Fortunately, those wanting more from both McLovins and Earphunk were in luck. Another exciting New Orleans funk band, Gravy, was slated for the after party next door at AlleyBAR. Before long, members of McLovins and Earphunk were sharing the stage with Gravy, which made for numerous special moments. Gravy led the way with assortment of original material, along with plenty of improvisational jams featuring various guests on several occasions. Funksgiving proved to be a truly special night for the city of Montgomery, featuring three accomplished nationally touring acts and nearly six hours of live music.

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Lance Herbstrong

The Knobturner’s Guild


As usual more exceptional reworks from Lance Herbstrong. The group offers explosive live performances and the best remixes in the game. This one is sure to rock you straight into Friday and the weekend. Enjoy!

The movement known as Lance Herbstrong.

“Through stream-of-consciousness aural atmospherics, Lance Herbstrong takes you on a trip, sustaining musical momentum with sonic layers propelling the rhythms. The result is music that is ethereal and organic, of the air and of the earth, and always moving.

Together, they create the movement known around the world as Lance Herbstrong. Listen to their layered sounds and the connected grooves. ” (Read More)

John Kadlecik

Liquid Silver Live Recordings


Yesterday as part of Giving Tuesday John K gave away 4 Liquid Silver live recordings for free download. However, all the songs are still available for streaming. Stay tuned for all John K related news here on the website. His concerts at Gypsy Sally’s over the past couple of months were definitely some of the best DC events in 2014.

#GivingTuesday sounds like a beautiful idea! I know you don’t need my help finding good causes to donate to, but I can offer you all FREE downloads today of all four tracks of Liquid Silver Live!  -John K


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