Ghost Owl | Fall Tour



On the heels of the successful release of their debut album, Say Goodbye to Finland, Ghost Owl is excited to make several big announcements. Their Say Goodbye to Finland Fall Tour will bring the band to Florida and Colorado, and will include an extended run of dates in the South East with Papadosio. While in Florida, Ghost Owl will perform a free webcast at Live From AURA Studios on Sunday, October 5th, and they have been added to the line-up for Suwannee Hulaween, taking place over Halloween weekend at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park.

Ghost Owl is happy to announce they have inked a deal with Owen Gray at Madison House for booking representation. Chad Denney at Nimbleslick Entertainment will take over the management duties for the band.

The band has also added multi-instrumentalist Adam B, aka “Elbo_Jones”, to the group. Adam B brings a rich history of work in multimedia/production and performance with him that is sure to enhance the Ghost Owl live show.

Say Goodbye to Finland is now available for pre-order and will be released on Tuesday, September 2nd. Re-mastered and printed on 150-gram vinyl, the album features artwork by Jason Huffer. You can pre-order the album now at the Ghost Owl bandcamp page.


August 29 – Mantrabash | Ferguson, NC
September 30 – Sidebar Theatre | Tallahassee, FL
October 1 – 1904 Music Hall | Jacksonville, FL
October 2 – The Funky Buddha | Boca Raton, FL
October 3 – Guanabanas | Jupiter, FL
October 4 – Dunedin Brewery | Dunedin, FL
October 5 – Live From AURA Studios Free Live Stream
October 31– The Orange Peel | Asheville, NC*
November 1 – Music Farm | Charleston, SC*
November 2 – Suwannee Hulaween | Live Oak, FL
November 13 – The International | Knoxville, TN*
November 14 – The Chop Shop | Charlotte, NC*
November 15 – Lincoln Theatre | Raleigh, NC*
November 19 – Cannery Ballroom | Nashville, TN*
November 20 – Georgia Theatre | Athens, GA*
November 21 – Terminal West | Atlanta, GA*
December 3 – Belly Up | Aspen, CO
December 4 – Hodi’s Half Note | Ft. Collins, CO
December 5 & 6 – Quixote’s True Blue |Denver, CO – 2 night stand
*Opening for Papadosio

GO_Fall 2014 Tour

Umphrey’s McGee

“Wappy Sprayberry” Red Rocks 7/5/14

This is a scorching rendition of the Umphrey’s staple “Wappy Sprayberry” on the Rocks. We are really looking forward to this DVD.

Our sold out Red Rocks performance from July 5th is now available on Blu-ray, DVD or HD download. Packed full of unique camera angles, aerial drone footage, backstage rehearsals & copious fan shots, this is the new go-to UM concert film. -UM

Snag it:

Filmed by TourGigs, Directed by Jay Kopelman, Produced by Kevin Browning


Floydfest | Photos

Floydfest 2014

July 23-27, 2014 | Floyd, VA

Tyler Davis Photography


Priest & Phoniks

Rising Hip-Hop Producer Phoniks collaborates with Priest (NYC)


Phoniks is hands down our favorite rising hip-hop producer in the game. The Portland, ME based producer is revisiting the sounds of the 90s era of hip-hop and his techniques thrive on a keen understanding of collaborative magic. That is not to say that his beats are not complex, they are simply well calculated. Horns, smooth piano lines, and symphonic ambience help define this signature sound.

Working with Awon and Deplow sparked some creative collaborative masterpieces that have reached millions of listeners. Today we bring you Phoniks recent collaboration with NYC artist, Priest. The lyrical finesse from Priest on “Street Corners” is top-notch, this is truly an exceptional piece of music.

Gov’t Mule | Photos

Blackberry Smoke & Gov’t Mule

Innsbrook After Hours

August 20, 2014 | Glen Allen, VA

Josh Brick Graphics


* In memory of Brian Farmer, may he rest in peace.

Sweater Beats

Kastle – Anything’s Possible ft. Lotti (Sweater Beats Remix)


This remix of Kastle is pure fire to take you straight into the weekend. Not much to say except, this is spot on. Enjoy !

About Sweater Beats:

Seducing the world via his own brand of dream-soaked pop and lushed out r&b, Antonio Cuna, aka Sweater Beats, is a force to be reckoned with. Since the release of his single “MLLN DLLR” on Bondax’s Justus Recordings in 2012, Cuna has garnered support from tastemakers like Diplo and Annie Mac, and has delivered standout mixes for Boiler Room, SSENSE, and Red Bull Studios. His debut EP for Symbols (“That Feel”) sees Antonio implementing more organic instrumentation, as well as original vocals, and the finished product is a strong vision of the future of Pop and R&B. Sweater Beats’ next EP is due this Fall on LA imprint and long-time affiliate Huh, What & Where.

Hard Working Americans

Live at Stubb’s

Austin, TX | July 26, 2014

Mountain Trout Photography


TAB | Review & Photos

Trey Anastasio Band

Live at Brooklyn Bowl  | August 17, 2014

©Jay Blakesberg

By Mitchito
Amidst what has been a huge summer tour for Phish, Trey Anastasio Band came to the Brooklyn Bowl in Greenpoint, Brooklyn as a part of PBS’s series Front and Center. After playing two nights at Peach Fest, the band seemed practiced, comfortable, and ready to rock and roll.

Coming on around 8:15, the band casually walked on stage to a warm reception from loyal fans. They kicked things off with the groovy “Sometime After Sunset,” setting a playful, laid-back tone for the evening. Right out of the gate, you could feel the energy ooze throughout the Greenpoint bar, which happens to be part-venue, part-bowling alley. A quick look around revealed a room full of excited people busting moves, having a great time, and eyeballing the cameras that floated over the top and around the stage.

Next, the band jumped right into the classic TAB track “Cayman Review.” Cayman’s combination of island and bluesy guitar tones continued to build up the energy. Trey’s guitar tone was warm and noodly, like a delicious cup of Ramen Noodles on a cold Vermont winter’s night. From there, Trey and his band were off to the races. The horns in songs like “Money, Love, and Change” complemented Trey’s guitar sound and provided a strong backing to a buoyant, driving rhythm section held down by Trey’s drummer and friend Russ Lawton. Other notable first set tunes were “Valentine”, “Bounce”, and “Pigtails.” “Alaska” was also really well done and featured a beautiful mix of Trey guitar licks and some nice bluesy keys by Ray Paczkowski.

The first set featured a nice mix of old and new tunes, which I felt was both welcoming and intriguing. But the real first set gem was the “Gotta Jibboo.” The Phish-by-way-of-TAB tune featured virtuositic interplay between each member of the group. Trey weaved in and out of Ray Paczkowski’s keys, sometimes rhythmically, sometimes following the melody, and sometimes even throwing some spacy, Phish-esque looping. Tony Markellis held down the groove on the bass, maintaining a low, smooth tone throughout the evening. His tone was rich, deep and propellant, which provided the rest of the band with a solid foundation for improvisational jams. The horn section felt like the cherry on top. Their joyous, jazz-flavored flourishes pushed the groove to new heights and connected beautifully with Russ’s controlled, yet loose drumming. The set closed with another Anastasio classic “Tuesday,” which also featured some strong jamming, and the band retired to the green room for a quick meeting and some cappuccinos.

When the band came back on for the second set, they surprised everyone with a “Sand” opener. The “phan-phavorite” set the tone for the rest of the night: unabashed jamming and extended grooves. Seeing TAB in an intimate club setting allows you to really hear and see every bit of communication between Trey and the rest of his band. During “Simple Twist up Dave” you could see Trey communicating with Ray and the horns section as they built the groove up into a stellar crescendo jam. Even for standard tracks like “Shine”, you could feel the interplay and excitement among the band members.
Trey seemed to strike a perfect balance between expansive jamming and TV-friendly tunes on Sunday night, jumping back and forth between rhythm and lead, which allowed his band mates to follow, imitate, and expand each song to interesting and often uncharted territories. “Push On til the Day” was a great example of this balance. This song is perhaps the most iconic TAB song because it is both a catchy ditty and an extensive jam that features strong melodic solos and interesting ideas from every member of the group. The horn melody and driving rhythms melded with Trey’s Ramen Noodle guitar, building the jam to a beautiful peak and the crowd responded with a giant roar! Right as the song began, I heard the guy next to me say, “Haha I wonder how many times I’ve heard this song?” Then when the peak came I heard the same guy yell out: “I freakin’ love this song! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!” I’m telling you, it was that good.

Other second set highlights include “Architect,” which I think is more fitting for TAB than it is for Phish. I also enjoyed the humorous but cool cover of “Clint Eastwood” by the Gorillaz. But the real treat was the cover of Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” to close the second set. After more than 2 hours of high energy jamming, Trey cranked up his distortion and played the classic rock standard to perfection. Jennifer Hartwick (trombone, vocals) put down her horn and moved towards the center where she not only destroyed one of the most difficult rock vocal songs of all time, but also challenged Trey to a vocal-guitar battle that amounted to something of a musical orgasm on stage. (On a side note: It was Jenn’s birthday so Trey brought out a chocolate cake and I found out that Robert Plant’s birthday came just a couple days later.)
Just before the encore, Trey offered a few words of thanks to the crowd and told the story about the formation of Trey Band in Burlington in 1998 as a part of the opening of the then-new venue Higher Ground. It was a special moment for everyone involved. He explained that “First Tube” was the first song that they wrote as a band right after they were asked to be a part of the Higher Ground opening. Fittingly, the band plunged into the throes of a “First Tube” jam that truly brought the show– or should i say event– full circle.

If you couldn’t infer this from my review, I’ll say it again: this show was something special. After an amazing summer of Phish 3.0, or as I like to say 3.5, Trey proved that he could seamlessly transition into his side projects without losing any steam. His tone was pure Trey and his attitude was joyous. The music was dialed and emotional. He seemed as happy as he has been in years and I felt honored to be able to share that joy with him and everyone else who was there.  He truly is the Baron of Jam. Trey just unleashed a monster 2+ hour set onto a jam-packed room of just over 800. And the best part: PBS captured the entire thing in HD. See you all soon!

Jay Blakesberg Photography

©Jay Blakesberg

©Jay Blakesberg

©Jay Blakesberg

©Jay Blakesberg

©Jay Blakesberg

©Jay Blakesberg

©Jay Blakesberg

©Jay Blakesberg

©Jay Blakesberg

©Jay Blakesberg

©Jay Blakesberg

©Jay Blakesberg

©Jay Blakesberg

Jimmy Herring with Santana

Jimmy Herring joins Santana for “If Anyone Can”

Aug 19, 2014 | Washington, DC

Umphreys McGee | Photos

Live at Stone Pony

August 10, 2014 | Asbury Park, NJ

Mike Geller Photography


SoulJah’s Jam of the Week

Sam Gellaitry


Dallas based talent, DJ S.O.U.L.J.A.H. will be offering us a choice cut every week. He will primarily focusing on electronic music. However, S.O.U.L.J.A.H.’s tastes are broad ranging from jazz to soul to hip-hop. We are proud to bring you the first hefty dose of “Souljah’s Jam of the Week”.

It’s an honor to be asked by the Live Music Daily crew to be part of their fam by introducing “SoulJah’s Jam of the Week”!

First up, let me introduce you to Sam Gellaitry, get use to this name. After being discovered by the mighty Soulection camp a couple months ago this 17 year old phenom has been continuing his showing of just straight ahead of his time production. Showing versatility & finesse with his production styles at such an early age makes me feel like he’s just getting warmed up!

This week he released his take on one of underground hip-hop’s veteran stars, Quasimoto, with his new song, quas. Quasimoto’s eccentric flow molds perfectly with Gellaitry’s basslines, especially on the second bass drop, remember I told you to wait for it!


Railroad Earth | Red Rocks DVD

Announces Red Rocks DVD

Shot by NoCoast


Railroad Earth is one of my favorite acts blending Americana folksy roots with Bluegrass and Jam-rock. They have an understanding of song structure and lyrical mastery that many live acts lack. Just an hour ago the group revealed that they all release a Full Concert DVD from their recent performance at Red Rocks.

“We had the boys from NoCoast filming again this year at our Red Rocks show and this time we’ve decided to release a full DVD of the event. Be on the lookout for a pre-sale opportunity sometime next month.”

Check out the video shot by NoCoast at Red Rocks from 2013.

Big Gigantic | New Track

ZHU – Faded (Big Gigantic Remix)


Check out our brand new remix of ZHU‘s FADED!! We love this track and wanted to put a lil Big G spin on it.. hope you dig!!! -Big Gigantic

EOTO Tour | New Visuals

EOTO Kicks Off ‘Outer Orbit’ Tour Loaded With New Visuals

Photo by Brian Spady © Spady Photography

EOTO just announced their fall tour dates including theater performances throughout the Midwest and Southeast through November of 2014. These pioneers of live EDM improvisation will hit the road armed with the latest musical and visual technology. They continue to add to their mesmerizing audio setup that pushes the boundaries between musical instruments and computer software all the while blurring the lines between studio production and live performance.

Celebrated for their incredible audio and visual production, EOTO ranked in the top three best stage productions of 2013 with the likes of Deadmau5 and Skrillex, in Ultra Music Magazine last fall and will undoubtedly outdo themselves in 2014. Their visuals continue to elaborate on 3D projection mapping and break technical barriers with the addition of their unique, “paint the sky”, laser mapping. The landmark light production was designed and developed specifically for EOTO in order to create an extraterrestrial atmosphere that will engulf the crowd in such a way that even large outdoor performances feel capsulized in visual/audio bliss.

With Michael Travis and Jason Hann holding the reins, EOTO continues to lead the way for a blossoming genre of electronic music – live and improvised EDM. Locked and loaded with hi-tech equipment, software, and the latest computer and musical technology, multi-instrumentalist Travis and percussionist/vocalist Hann have made a startling impact on the electronic dance community, due to their innovative 100% improvised approach and as a result, their exclusive sound.

“This dynamic duo engineers music that many of today’s producers spend hours creating in the basement, but right on the spot in front of live audiences.” – The Music Vibes

With influences that range from Tipper, to Derrick Carter and Bassnectar; the project aims to produce a fresh take on EDM by incorporating live looping, instruments, drums, vocals, and live remixing on stage. This allows the duo to remain fluid in their approach while retaining a lucid otherworldly flare. With over 800 improvised performances under their belt, the band has consistently reinvented their style and approach in the ever changing landscape of the EDM culture – leaving no two performances alike in their wake.

EOTO will hit the road for their fall tour beginning in August with an arsenal of ear-and-eye-candy specially blended for their transcendental performances. For ticketing and EOTO’s latest tour information, check out the official website at

8/22 Mishawaka: Bellvue, CO
8/19-8/20 Infrasound Equinox Festival, Black River Falls, WI
9/25 Crowfoot Ballroom: Pontiac, MI
9/26 Concord Music Hall: Chicago, IL
9/27 Concord Music Hall: Chicago, IL
10/1 Bourbon Theater: Lincoln, NB
10/2 2720: St Louis, MO
10/3 The Rave: Milwaukee, WI
10/4 Canopy Club: Urbana, IL
10/8 TEMPT: Nashville, TN
10/9 Terminal West: Atlanta, GA
10/10 Zydeco, Birmingham, AL
10/11 The Nest, Miami, FL
10/31 Suwannee Hulaween, Live Oak, FL
11/21 Stage 48, New York, NY
11/28 Winstons, San Diego, CA
11/29 El Ray Theater, Los Angeles, CA
12/05 The Independent, San Francisco, CA
12/06 Cargo, Reno, NV
12/10 Parish, Austin, TX
12/12 Granada Theater, Lawrence, KS
12/13 Ogden Theater, Denver, CO

Free Download

Robert Plant

Happy 66th Birthday

Robert-PlantBy Randy Harris
Happy 66th birthday to the Golden God himself, Robert Plant! Mr. Plant was the lead vocalist, lyricist and frontman for Led Zeppelin Official. Mr. Plant is known for his powerful, seductive stage presence, as well as his screaming voice. He was ranked Rolling Stone’s 15th greatest singer of all time in 2008, and numerous famous vocalists and frontmen have cited him as a primary influence.

Led Zeppelin’s 9 studio and 4 live album discography only scratches the surface of Mr. Plant’s work. He has also recorded 9 solo studio albums and 4 collaborative albums, including collaborations with Jeff Beck, Allison Krauss and fellow Zeppelin member Jimmy Page, along with countless singles and other guest appearances. Mr. Plant currently tours with a band, dubbed Robert Plant & the Sensational Space Shifters. Happy birthday Robert !

Yonder Covers “Crazy Train”

Live at Northwest String Summit 2014

I promise it is mere coincidence that I discovered two scorching bluegrass covers the same day. Right after we posted the Finnish Bluegrass Band performing “Thunderstruck”, Yonder Mountain released this video of them performing “Crazy Train” at Northwest String Summit. The group has continued to tour heavily despite parting ways with their long time member, Jeff Austin, on vocals and mandolin.



Leftover Salmon & Keller NYE

Two Night NYE Run in Chicago


This New Year’s Eve, marks 25 years for Leftover Salmon! The band is thrilled to announce we will be celebrating it with Keller Williams in Chicago on December 30th and 31st at The Vic Theatre! Leftover Salmon will kick of the two night celebration on the 30th and will be ringing in the New Year with 2 sets on New Year’s Eve! Bill Payne of Little Feat will be joining LoS on both nights! Keller Williams will perform with his band “More Than a Little” for a closing set on December 30th and Solo on the 31st, to get the night started.

LoS fan club tickets will go on sale Wednesday August 20th at 10:00am Central Time.

December 30th:
December 31st:
NYE VIP – 2 Day Pass (12/30 & 12/31):

For more information:


AC/DC Bluegrass Cover “Thunderstruck”

Finnish band Steve’n’Seagulls Covers AC/DC

This is an epic finger pickin’ journey with the Finnish Bluegrass act, Steve’n’Seagulls. They run throw a great cover of AC/DC’s 1990 hit Thunderstruck off the album, Razor’s Edge.

16 Bit Lolitas

Release Deep In My Soul

Facebook Official Photo

Facebook Official Photo

Somehow, the best DJs are always Dutch. This time, Dutch duo 16 Bit Lolitas hits us with a powerful, deep and melodic groove. “Deep In My Soul” is guaranteed to move both your emotions and your feet with its hypnotic, ambient aura and driving bass. This single-track follow up to May’s Beat Organ EP will be releasedSeptember 1 on Anjunadeep. Check out the full track below. -Ragin Randy Harris

Bio via 

Peter Kriek and Ariaan Olieroock had been making music on their own for some time before joining forces and becoming 16 Bit Lolitas in 2003. This collaboration quickly produced a wave of releases. Tracks such as The Puppet Show, Destiny, My Lexicon, Stereo Control and the epic Sednaa quickly followed on labels as diverse as Yoshitoshi, Alternative Route , Release, Sadie, Plastic Fantastic, Nu Republic, Armada, Minimal, DK and LMR. They then decided to keep control of most of their material starting their own successful imprint “Bits and Pieces” shooting off club hit after hit. A hectic few years has propelled the boys into the spotlight where their crisp creations have carved out a sound that is both cool and sophisticated. It embraces all that is good about House music.

Peter and Ariaan consistently turn in tight productions that stand out in a crowded market place. Each piece of electronic music is patiently crafted and produced with emotion and care. It’s music that creates atmospheres as well as delivering a killer blow without the need of resorting to overused and obvious gimmicks.

At the end of 2008 the 16 Bit Lolitas released their first ultimate collection of music when they launched the “Live At Warung” mix album series, from Brazil’s ultimate Beach Club on Hope Recordings/Bits and Pieces. It featured upfront underground sounds, handpicked from across the globe to add a shimmer but also featured a large proportion (in fact one whole disc) of their own unreleased material. Why? Well speak to Ariaan about his DJ sets and he’ll tell you that they often write material just for this purpose, more than able to nail the mood required in the studio and then put their money where their mouth is at the club. Many DJs will play some of their own productions but not whole sets of it.


Big Gigantic | Tour Dates


10620776_10152448862993145_5812660303734824326_nThis Fall we’ll see you out on the road for TOUCH THE SKY TOUR with the homies Paper Diamond, The Floozies & Manic Focus! We’re playing some of our favorite venues, a few dates with our dog Skrillex & a massive show with Bassnectar! We can’t wait to get back on the road and party with you!!!! Presale tickets will go on sale TOMORROW at NOON MST – Big G

Lotus | Talking Heads Set

Set to perform Talking Heads at Red Rocks


Talking Heads have been a musical inspiration for Lotus from the earliest days of the band’s formation. After the huge buzz from our Talking Heads Deconstructed Set this summer, featuring Gabriel Otto (of Denver’s Pan Astral) on vocals and special guests including Jason Hann of The String Cheese Incident, the band decided to bring the idea to Cororado for our annual Red Rocks Show. Join us on Sep. 19 for this very special night of exploring the intersections between rock and dance, new and old, the unique music of Lotus and the classics from the Talking Heads.-Lotus Official

VIP Tickets
Facebook Event



A Look Back at Summer Nights

Here is some old school Iration reggae vibes to carry you through the week. Here we are mid-August and we encourage you to get out and enjoy the rest of your summer where ever you are. This is a classic soundtrack for the Summer and one that seemingly never grows old.

Iration is an alternative/reggae group of musicians formed in Isla Vista, CA. A deep-rooted reggae influence is fused with elements of rock and pop to create smooth original sounds that keep listeners’ feet moving, hands swaying and hearts beating – “We’re all about luv”, states the band. The group is made up of members Joseph Dickens (Drums), Joseph King (Engineer), Cayson Peterson (Keyboard/Synth), Micah Pueschel (Guitar/ Vocals), and Adam Taylor (Bass). All members met while growing up in Hawaii but formed Iration after reconnecting in Santa Barbara, CA. They have since released three full-length albums, Automatic (2013), Time Bomb (2010) and No Time for Rest (2007), as well as three EP’s, Fresh Grounds (2011), Sample This (2008), and New Roots (2006).

Time Bomb, remains within the top 20 on Billboard’s Reggae Album Chart to this day. Their third full-length album, Automatic, the band’s most recent work which debuted on Billboard’s Top 200 chart, is described as forging a truly unique listening experience by crossing genre boundaries, fusing reggae with fresh pop and rock influences. The album also includes additional production and instrumentation from Lincoln Parish of Cage the Elephant, as well as the band’s previous studio partner JP Hesser of Castaway 7 Studios in Ventura CA. Both albums contain tracks that have reached the #1 position on several alternative radio stations.

The group has been touring nationally since 2008, performing at: Lollapalooza, McDowell Mountain Music Festival, Wakarusa, Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, Sunset Strip Music Festival etc. The band has headlined several successful national club/theater tours with multiple sold-out shows throughout the country from Los Angeles’ Wiltern Theater, to St. Petersburg’s Jannus Live. The Hawaiian-bred musicians look forward to spreading their original sound and Aloha spirit all the while never forgetting to get a surf in when possible.


Pretty Lights

The HOT Sh*t, Episode 139 – July.23.2014


Yet another great installation of Pretty Light’s live on Sirius XM’s Electric Area. This particular mix begins with sonic ambience to get you feelin’ fine on this beautiful Sunday morning. Pretty Lights is always pushing the envelope, a person who has a constant vision to broaden his realm of musical possibilities. This motivational, creative drive and curiosity has driven Pretty Lights to take electronic music where all too many are shy to venture. With his latest A Color Map of the Sun release, PL has proven himself to be one of the most ambitious and well-rounded producers in the game by using only analog samples. Big ups to PL for always getting things fresh.

About Pretty Lights:
On July 2, 2013, not one but two new Pretty Lights albums were released: A Color Map of the Sun and its essential companion, Live Studio Sessions From A Color Map of the Sun. The first PL efforts to be sold commercially after a series of acclaimed free-download albums and EPs, the Color Map project represents a turning point in Pretty Lights mastermind Derek Vincent Smith’s artistic growth. A self-professed “sample collage” artist, Smith decided it was time to create his own. “Before, I’d combine 25 samples into one song,” he explains. “This time, I was going to create my own original sources, retaining the timbre that spans the great musical era of the last century – from modern classical and jazz, to ‘60s soul and beyond.” (Continue Reading)

The HOT Sh*t airs at 8PM EST/6PM MST every Thursday with rebroadcasts Wednesday nights at 4PM EST/2PM MST on SiriusXM’s Electric Area

Gary Clark Jr.

New Live Album Due out Sept. 23


We’re excited to announce a new 2 disc live album from Gary Clark Jr. featuring some of his best live performances from all over the world!

Gary Clark Jr. – LIVE wil be released on 9/23 and is now available for preorder below. Each preorder comes with an instant download of “When My Train Pulls In.”

Preorder your copy here:




Say My Name (feat. Zyra)


“Say My Name (feat. @zyramusic )” from the upcoming full-length album ‘In Return’, out September 9th, 2014 on @Counter-Records (an imprint of @Ninja-Tune).

Additional chopped vocals by Madelyn Grant.

PRE-ORDER ‘In Return’ in 2xLP Vinyl, CD, 24-bit WAV, 16-bit WAV, and MP3 now at

Pre-Order ‘In Return’ on iTunes at

Tickets for the 2014 In Return Tour on sale now at

View the lyric video for this song here!

Tour Dates


ACL Late Night Shows


On Sale Friday, August 22nd at 10 AM CDT


C3 Presents is proud to announce The Official 2014 ACL Music Festival Late Night Shows. From October 2nd through October 12th, a number of Austin’s favorite music venues will host over thirty shows with ACL Music Festival artists like Beck, Spoon, Skrillex, Rhye, Interpol, The Head and The Heart, and many more. The full list of late night shows is available at and listed below.

A presale opportunity will be available to E-list subscribers on Thursday, August 21st from 10 AM CDT to 10 PM CDT. In order to be eligible to receive presale passcodes, individuals must confirm subscription to the C3Concerts E-List at by Tuesday, August 19th at 11:59 PM CDT. The public onsale is Friday, August 22nd at 10 AM CDT through

The Official 2014 ACL Fest Late Night Shows:

10/2 Tito’s Hometown Shindig Presents: An Evening With Beck at Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater

10/2 Black Pistol Fire at Stubb’s Indoors

10/2 The Eastern Sea and Roadkill Ghost Choir w/ Walker Lukens at Holy Mountain

10/3 Jenny Lewis w/ The Belle Brigade at Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater

10/3 Rhye at The Paramount Theatre

10/3 The Head and the Heart w/ Lucius at Emo’s Austin

10/3 Tipper at Vulcan Gas Company

10/3 Spanish Gold at Stubb’s Indoors

10/3 The Preatures and Young & Sick at Holy Mountain

10/3 Jon Pardi at Lamberts

10/4 Tegan & Sara w/ Night Terrors of 1927 at Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater

10/4 Diplo at Emo’s Austin

10/4 Mac DeMarco at Scoot Inn

10/4 Temples w/ The Districts at The Parish

10/4 Arum Rae and Emily Wolfe at Stubb’s Indoors

^10/4 Gospel Brunch ft. The Legendary Soul Stirrers at Stubb’s Indoors

10/4 Snowmine w/ Nightbox and The Belle Sounds at Lamberts

10/5 Interpol at Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater

10/5 tUnE-yArDs w/ Mø at Emo’s Austin

10/5 Break Science at The Parish

10/5 Rey Pila at Stubb’s Indoors

^10/5 Gospel Brunch ft. Bells of Joy at Stubb’s

*10/8 The Waller Creek Conservancy Benefit ft. Fitz & The Tantrums w/ Max Frost at Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater

10/9 Paolo Nutini & Jimmy Cliff at Stubb’s Waller Creek Ampitheater

10/9 Robert Ellis at Stubb’s Indoors

10/9 Parker Millsap at Lamberts

10/10 Skrillex Presents an OWSLA BBQ at Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater

10/10 CHVRCHES at Emo’s Austin

10/10 The Glitch Mob (DJ Set) at Vulcan Gas Company

10/10 Poliça w/ My Brightest Diamond at The Parish

10/10 The Chain Gang of 1974 at Stubb’s Indoors

10/11 Spoon at Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater

10/11 Gramatik + Lettuce w/ Late Night Radio at Emo’s Austin

10/11 Imelda May w/ The Bellfuries at The Parish

10/11 J. Roddy Walston & The Business w/ Catfish and the Bottlemen at Stubb’s Indoors

10/11 Nikki Lane at Lamberts

^10/11 Gospel Brunch ft. The Legendary Soul Stirrers at Stubb’s Indoors

^10/12 Gospel Brunch ft. The Durdens at Stubb’s Indoors


* On sale now

^ Reservations available by phone only through 512-480-8341


Austin City Limits Music Festival takes place October 3-5 and 10-12. Three Day Passes andSaturday Passes for both weekends have sold out, however there are still Passes available for Friday and Sunday, as well as VIP, Platinum and Travel Packages while supplies


Doc Scott | Top 5

Top 5 Doc Scott tracks on Metalheadz

Performing Live in DC Sunday August 17th

by  DJ Slant (2Tuff)


In preparation for 2Tuff’s Metalheadz DC show on Sunday at U Street Music Hall, I asked 2Tuff co-founder DJ Slant to put together a chart or list to highlight some of his favorite Metalheadz releases. Since Doc Scott will be one of the Metalheadz artist featured at the event, Slant decided to do a top list of Doc Scott tunes that were released on the Metalheadz Record label.

#1 – Doc Scott – “V.I.P. Drumz” – Metalheadz #001, 1994

It’s a tough task to pick the number one for this list but this tune wins the #1 spot for these reasons:

  • It was the very first record on Metalheadz back in 1994 (along w/ Goldie’s “VIP Riders Ghost” on the flipside) launching the record label and sound that is still going strong 20 years later.
  • Doc Scott’s signature cutting-edge beats, breaks, basslines, hip hop, and techno samples that played a huge role in defining and shaping the Metalheadz sound.
  • This pick was like a 3-for-1 because Doc Scott also released Drumz ‘95 and Drumz 2000 that were remixes of this classic and influential release. Will there be a Drumz 2015?


#2 – Doc Scott – “Far Away (Fourteen Flavours of Funk)” – Metalheadz #004 – 1994

Since this track is one of my all-time favs it earns my #2 spot for this list. This tune was liquid DnB before liquid DnB was even called liquid DnB. “Far Away” really shows Doc Scott’s versatility with the infectious funk guitar, rolling bassline, and crispy breakbeat cuts. This track was so ahead of it’s time that I still play this record today.


#3 – Doc Scott – “The Unofficial Ghost” – Platinum Breakz LP – 1996

“The Unofficial Ghost” is a track that once you hear it, your mind can never un-hear it. That probably doesn’t make sense but take a listen from the beginning until the bass line comes in and you will understand. Continuing on his run of pioneering and seminal tunes, Doc Scott delivered an absolute dance floor smash with its infamous “ghostface killa” sample and distorted “Reece” bass line.


#4 – Doc Scott – “Swarm” – Metalheadz Boxset LP – 1997

“Swarm” is another Doc Scott track that is so identifiable by its sound. The dark and spooky “swarming” keys in this tune fade in from outer space and the techno-esque bass line combine to deliver a DnB classic. The beats in this minimal tune are sparse and floating, and it’s a stark contrast to the “Unofficial Ghost” sound; again it shows his versatility as an artist. Fortunately for me (and countless other DJs), Doc Scott has always been a DJ first. So the tunes that he produces are very DJ-friendly, and this one has a permanent spot in my record bag.


#5 – Doc Scott – “Blue Skies” – Metalheadz #015 – 1995

One of Doc Scott’s nicknames is “King of the Rollers” and if you listen to “Blue Skies” you can understand why. This tune is a moody, jazzy, minimal roller that just keeps rolling and rolling…rolling beats, rolling 808 bass line, and his way of switching break beats and his strings/keys are just masterful.


Honorable mention: Rufige Kru (Goldie) – “Monkey Boy” (Doc Scott remix) – 2008

In support of Goldie’s 2007 album “Malice in Wonderland”, Doc Scott’s remix of “Monkey Boy” is a special track because it is a tribute to the signature Metalheadz sound with a modern day twist. Adding the classic “Rufige” sample, he expertly combined his style with Goldie’s sounds.


Gov’t Mule | Covers Marshall Tucker

“Can’t You See” with Charlie Starr

August 3, 2014 | Blue Hills Bank Pavilion

Charlie Starr of Blackberry Smoke sitting in with the Mule last night in Boston.

Big Gigantic

Announces Live Band for Rowdytown 3


Roll Call, ROWDYTOWN 3 ! This is going to be one for the books, Big Gigantic live band with the Motet.

Via Big Gigantic:

BIG GIGANTIC FAMILY!! The time of year has come where we celebrate good music, good people and good times at the most incredible venue in the world, RED ROCKS!! Rowdytown has been one of the coolest things we’ve been able to put together as Big Gigantic and Jeremy and I can’t thank you guys enough for the massive support we’ve had for Rowdytown the last couple of years. The shows have been so big and your support has been so gigantic, we’ve expanded to 2 NIGHTS THIS YEAR!!!

The coolest thing about playing 2 nights for you guys is that we really get to showcase what we can actually do as a band, as individual players as well as curating cool ideas and putting them together into something big. Really big! Not only will we be playing a unique set each night, we’ll be bringing out our favorite CO homies, The Motet, to join us throughout parts of each night. Its a gonna be a special first time BIG GIGANTIC LIVE BAND experience. Our homies GHOST PIXEL will be projection mapping the rocks again bringing a one of a kind experience to Red Rocks, PLUS, we have even more surprises this year we can’t quite tell you about yet!!

Bailey Intabeats | Interview

LiveMusicDaily Exclusive Interview

Drum & Bass Icon from London


It was an honor to speak with one of the most iconic international DJs on the Drum and Bass scene. While his answers indicate how humble he is, it is widely known that he is one of the most influential D&B Djs alive. His music has been heard globally and he’s still down to play some of the more intimate venue while on tour.  Andrew McConnell spoke with Bailey to discuss his current artistic pursuits, his favorite producers, DJing on BBC Radio & Ministry of Sound Radio, and much more.

LiveMusicDaily is proud sponsor of the upcoming event this Sunday August 17th 2Tuff presents Metalheadz DC at U Street Music Hall w/ DOC SCOTT, Bailey Intabeats, T.R.A.C., & Slant. Buy Tickets Here.


Andrew M : You are well known in the D & B scene and a common name in the UK, Europe, US, and all over the world. As an artist who has accomplished a great deal, how do you keep things fresh & interesting on a personal level. What are your current artistic ambitions that will help you further push the envelope in the D & B scene?

Bailey: Finding the next new D&B producer I’ve never heard of with amazing music is part of what keeps it exciting for me. They are boundaryless with nothing to prove so what you usually get is undiluted emotion. I don’t listen to Drum & Bass all the time though. That way I can keep the new music I get fresh for each time I DJ. I’d like to get into production more myself now that my confidence is growing.

Currently I run a new bi-weekly, free Drum & Bass night called Soul In Motion. It’s at Basement which is underneath an upmarket hotel in Central London called Edition. I run it alongside Need For Mirrors. We felt in London culturally, D&B heads needed somewhere they could go to absorb and embrace new styles ahead. That’s what I’m working hard on at the moment.


You have been a long-time radio host and presenter for over 10 years with BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra, and now you have a weekly show on Ministry of Sound Radio. How have you developed such a strong listener base and following? What are your favorite aspects of presenting a radio show versus DJing in clubs?

I think my following comes from a loyalty to the core sound of Drum & Bass/Jungle. Sure I may have played a number of more commercial offerings during my 1Xtra stint but only to highlight how broad D&B is musically, draw in new listeners and encourage them to delve deeper. I never thought I’d like presenting as much as I do now but it’s so nice to have an audience I can talk to directly to. I get the chance to explain and educate about music the played, some of which might not be as suitable for the average D&B club dance floor.


Metalheadz is a renowned label, what are the opportunities you find in being on a team of like-minded artists on the same record label?

It’s definitely inspiring. Since becoming resident DJ for the Metalheadz in 1995, it’s legacy as a label set up to push the limits of what you can do with sound is what has taken me around the world. I would never have thought back then that’d I’d be deejaying in places like America, Costa Rica, Japan or South Africa.


What are you currently listening to that some readers may not necessarily immediately associate with your style of music?

I listen to 80’s pop, Glitch Hop, Neo Soul, Deep House and anything that gives me a vibe. I’m definitely no expert on these genres. Most of the time I stumble upon styles new to me and follow them through to discover more.


The industry has changed drastically since you began your career, artists can interact with friends in so many different ways because of the internet & new social media platforms. How do you keep up with all of the social media, promotions & business work while you are on the road touring? Also, what is your favorite social network and why?

I just do! If I’m touring like I am now, the first thing I do at each hotel is ask about the wifi. Failing that, I’ll use my cell phone. I like to keep people updated with my ventures and take a look at what’s happening out there too. I think facebook is still my favorite social network. It’s less limited in terms of posting text, video and multiple pictures.

*Special thanks to Daniel Slant & Andy Cerutti for their help.

Intabeats on Ministry of Sound Radio 28.05.13 by Bailey Intabeats on Mixcloud

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Phish | 10 Years Ago

A Look Back at Coventry


By Mitchell Parrish:
Today marks the 10 year anniversary of Phish’s last show before their 2004 breakup. For Phish fans, anytime the word Coventry is uttered it conjures up great memories and sad goodbyes. Coventry was originally intended to be just another Festival– the One after IT (if you will). However, shortly before the 2004 summer tour a note was posted on the Phish website signed by only Trey announcing that this tour would, in fact, be the band’s last.

After the band’s return in 2009, most of the raw emotion and tension from those two fateful nights in Coventry, VT has transformed into nostalgic recollections of how the band “used to be.” Putting the 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 comparisons aside, this documentary captures the raw emotion of a bittersweet occasion through the eyes of the fans. It’s documentaries like these that help “phans” like me catch a glimpse of one of the most significant, and sad, moments in Phish history. The lore of Coventry will live on, and, by the grace of someone with more power than me, so will Phish.

special thanks to Mike McKinley

DJ S.O.U.L.Jah

Exclusive New Release

Make You Feel (Adam P. & Iamdjsouljah Remix)


S.O.U.L.Jah is making his way to the top of the DJ game in Dallas, TX and the surrounding regions. He’s been long known for his regular appearances at some of the top spots in town including the House of Blues,  Ghostbar, Sisu Uptown, Nickel & Rye (Uptown), Slipp Inn, and has more recently taken over as a resident MC at Decks in the Park in  Klyde Warren Park.

Over the last few years, S.O.U.L.Jah has opened, performed, or co-headline shows with the likes of Major Lazer, TWRK!, The Hardkiss Brothers, Benzi, Essentrik, Jillionaire, Booty Fade, Nero, Cyndi Lauper, Star Party, Yeahdef!, DJ Sober, Trackmeet DJ Crew, Redeye, Wish FM, Paradise, Hucci, Polish Ambassador, The Dan Band, Graceland Ninjaz, Immortal Technique, Random Movement, Supervision, Paul Basic, Paper Diamond, Jus-Stone, Jay Fresh, DJ Bl3nd, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Bonobo, Psymbionic, Solidisco, Skrause, & many others.

Having become a staple on the local circuit S.O.U.L.Jah is looking to push forward with original production & more extensive touring throughout Texas and the Southeast region. This newest remix is a sure sign of his progression as an artist. Collaborating with partner Adam Analog, one of Dallas’ most respected producers, they come up with this new tune for us & we get the exclusive premiere! You heard it here first, but keep your eyes peeled for some more S.O.U.L.Jah tour dates soon.

Tonight he will be at Djing the Wiz Khalifa Afterparty at Monroe Lounge.

Free Download


Official Site

M.E.M.Fest Countdown

Artist Feature | Archnemesis

2nd Annual M.E.M. Fest 2014

Archnemesis - July 2014 - by South Carolina Portrait Photographer Sean Rayford

By Randy Harris:

When Archnemesis began in 2009, the world of electronic music was graced with an incredible talent, stemming from classically trained cello and piano, combined with a growing interest in jazz composition, and culminating in a whirlwind of melodic, psychedelic bass music. Originally, Archnemesis consisted of two members. After one member left the duo to pursue other interests, however, Archnemesis now refers to a single member, but that has certainly not slowed him down. Archnemesis started releasing music just about the time that Pretty Lights’ combination of sampling and elaborate composition was gaining traction. The blend of hip hop and electronic music was colliding with influences ranging from soul to jazz to rock to blues, and Archnemesis is one of the top artists to come out of that wave.

Archnemesis has toured and recorded relentlessly over the past five years, gradually building the Nemesis Army of dedicated followers. With three EPs, two full-length albums and numerous singles and remixes, Archnemesis’ production has been successfully honed and perfected. He has brought his energetic live performance approach to festivals such as The Hangout Music Festival, Lights All Night, Camp Bisco and Electric Forest and to clubs and theatres nationwide.

Personally, I have seen Archnemesis twice, once as a duo and once as a solo performance, both in Memphis, and both times were mind numbing experiences. Archnemesis was even in Memphis earlier this summer, and he loved it so much that he is already on his way back again to rock out M.E.M.Fest with us. You will not want to miss this set!

Disco Biscuits | Review

Live at 9:30 Club

July 31 & August 1, 2014

Washington, DC

By John David Church

Night 1

So there I was sitting on the rail of the balcony amongst folks that I call family eagerly awaiting the music to start.  It had been over a year since the last time I had seen my favorite band play.  The lights dimmed as the band took the stage and began with an intro jam that led right into “Little Shimmy in the Conga Line.”  Interesting way to start a set; it certainly set the tone for me as Magner fluttered across the ivory.   An in depth jam carried us across space into “Helicopters.”  Personally, I have always loved this song, especially the drop into the jam after the chorus.  Some nasty guitar playing as I could swear that I heard “Funky Town” teases and before I knew it I heard such a beautiful sound.  “Humahumunukunukuapua” came in across the room and smiles spread across the crowd as the band took us in and out of a “Dancin’ in the Street” vocal jam.  Only after they had returned back to finish Little Shimmy did they decide to stop the music to start a fresh track.  “Pilin’ It High” had the crowd singing along as Jon got surgical with his guitar.  The band ended this by taking us into a musical cannonball, “Svengali.”  I looked around at a few friends and we all seemed to agree that this would be a fine way to end the set.  But they just had to pile ‘em on.  After all, it’s not the pile, it’s pilin’ it high.  So, a standalone “Morph Dusseldorph” would finish us all of nicely and certainly give us something to talk about as we overcrowded the sidewalk at set break.

This is the set that I had been waiting for since I first walked into the 930 Club and noticed the 3 drum sets erected on stage.  The lights once more dimmed as The Disco Biscuits took the stage flanked by Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann of The Grateful Dead.   The band started off with a heavy hitter, “Memphis”.  I looked around the room and noticed, perhaps for the first time that evening, that this was not entirely your normal Biscuits crowd.  The average age seemed to be a little above the par and while flat brims were around, they weren’t overwhelming atop attendees’ heads.  The general vibe in the air seemed to congeal into that of pure love as the musical pulses took us into “West L.A. Fadeaway”. Welcome to the Disco Dead.  A hard hitting jam took us right into perhaps the most covered GD song, “Shakedown Street”.  That’s fine with me though.  Seeing everybody move side to side only accented how timeless these tunes are; how the music crosses generations to bring us all together.  In and out of “I Don’t Want Nobody to Give Me Nothing” and into one of my all time favorite Dead tunes, “Eyes of the World”.  I was quite impressed with Magner’s vocals on this as I would not normally point out the Biscuits for blowing me away vocally.  Into “Space” which was followed by a truly spectacular drum jam that for a moment had me thinking, “Floes?”  Never have I been happier to be wrong in calling the next song as the drop into “Caterpillar” came to round off the set with the Biscuits sound it began with.   As the band returned to the stage for the encore, I heard Brownstein (I think) say, “We need more drums!”  That’s when  Jeremy from Big Gigantic took the stage to join The Grateful Biscuits for a rousing rendition of “I Know You Rider.”  There really is no greater feeling than watching a sold out 930 Club sing along to your favorite band.

The Disco Biscuits
07/31/2014 • 9:30 Club • Washington, DC

Set 1: Little Shimmy In A Conga Line > Helicopters 1 > Humuhumunukunukuapua’a 2, 3 > Little Shimmy In A Conga Line, Pilin’ It High 4 > Svenghali 5, Morph Dusseldorf

Set 2: M.E.M.P.H.I.S. 6 > West L.A. Fadeaway 6 > Jam 6 > Shakedown Street 6 > I Don’t Want Nobody to Give Me Nothing 6 > Eyes of the World 6 > Space 6 > Drums 6 > Caterpillar 6

Encore: I Know You Rider 7, 6

1 with Funky Town jam
2 with Dancing in the Streets vocal jam
3 inverted
4 Perfume version
5 end
6 with Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann on percussion
7 with Jeremy from Big Gigantic

Night 2

“I am really glad that I was here last night to experience what happened.  It was something truly special and perhaps legendary.  That being said, I am glad we got it of the way.  I need me some serious Biscuits tonight.” – Random person outside 930 Club

And some serious Biscuits is exactly what we got.  Right from the beginning of “7-11” you could tell, this was going to be a rager.  There was a completely different atmosphere in the club as we slid ever so smoothly into “Trucker’s Choice.”  If last night was special, then tonight was for lettin’ loose, gettin’ down and gettin’ dirty.  As I gazed out upon the stage from my perch along the top balcony, I silently complimented Johnny R. Goode’s work behind the light board.  While the lasers have become almost expected at Disco Biscuit shows, their usage has become more refined.  Johnny’s ability to seamlessly intertwine them with the traditional lighting that melted my brain when I first started seeing this band has improved beyond measure.  I feel like he once told me that he wasn’t a fan of the lasers though you certainly wouldn’t believe it at a show like this one.   This is about the point where Magner just decides to go off on the keys as they sail into “Munchkin Invasion” and right into “Abraxas.” This segment brought back memories of show’s past as they brought it back into Munchkin to close out the set.  Highlight of the set goes to the Munchkin>Abraxas segment for all I can really remember is dancing around like a madman during it.

They came back out on stage to give us exactly what anyone wants, “Hope.”  Barber was certainly taking no prisoners in this standalone set opener.  No time to breath as they started “Run Like Hell” with the customary jamming build.  The feeling in the venue was electric by the time “Spraypaint” had taken hold of the crowd.  Magner was laying it down on the keys as Barber’s choice notes created this victorious rush in the minds of the audience.   Beeps and bops abound as we danced in and out of “Bombs” and to the bottom of “The Great Abyss.”  There would be no asking of questions tonight, this was the band in their rawest form.  And ever the band to enjoy a good multi-song sandwich, we landed back in “Run Like Hell.”  Goddamn, did this segment make me feel alive.  “And the Ladies Were the Rest of the Night” was truly a fitting standalone encore; both in its musical precision and as a rarity to be unaided as such.  Overall, this whole evening was just what I had been craving; pure blissful Biscuits.

Set 1: 7-11> Trucker’s Choice> 7-11, Munchkin Invasion> Abraxas> Munchkin Invasion

Set 2: Hope, Run Like Hell> Sprapaint*> Bombs> The Great Abyss*> Run Like Hell

Encore: And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night

* Inverted

Lockn’ | Further Fill-in

Announces Filler for Further


Via Lockn':

We’re excited to announce several additions to our Lockn’ lineup! Lettuce, an old-school funk favorite, will be joining our Thursday lineup. We also have Bill Kreutzmann’s Locknstep Allstars coming in on Friday’s lineup. Stay tuned as we will be announcing the members of the Allstars over the next few days, and it’s going to be good!

After celebrating their 20th anniversary as modern day rulers of old school funk, the Brooklyn-based juggernaut Lettuce is not showing any signs of slowing. Having blown up stages from coast to coast last year, ranging from The Fillmore in San Francisco to Terminal 5 in NYC, Bonnaroo to Pemberton and all points in-between, Lettuce is poised to continue their rapid growth throughout 2014.

Drummer Bill Kreutzmann, best known as the steadfast heartbeat of the Grateful Dead from 1965 to 1995, has devoted his life to stretching and surpassing the percussive limits of music. Armed with his signature dynamic rhythm and uncanny subtlety, Kreutzmann’s lifetime pursuit has garnered him the reputation as an unequivocal, if enigmatic, backbeat.

Additionally, this past weekend, we chose two finalists of our summer long Rockn’ to Lockn’ competition to put a Virginia-based band on the main stage. People’s Blues of Richmond will be opening on Friday, and Erin & The Wildfire on Sunday. Join us in supporting local music and these up and coming artists!


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